Misool Resort

An exclusive dive resort and conservation center located in the southern portion of Raja Ampat, Misool is set in a remote, extremely biodiverse archipelago. The resort itself works with the local population to preserve the nearby coral reefs, and provides sustainable employment to the inhabitants of the area. Misool comprises eight over-water cottages, set on stilts above the turquoise waters; four North Lahoon Villas, and seven South Beach Villas. All rooms are built from local resources, and feature plush beds, climate control, and sweeping views of the beach, the ocean, or the resort’s private lagoon on the northern side of the island. The resort’s restaurant serves organic, locally-sourced ingredients prepared in a variety of Western and Asian dishes. In addition, Misool possesses a dive center with chartered boats and private guides, as well as a spa offering, among others, aromatherapy and aloe vera treatments. Given its secluded location, access to Misool is via speedboat from Sorong harbor, a scenic, four-to-five hour journey.

Why We Love This Hotel

Location: The remote location of Misool Resort in southern Raja Ampat is a diver’s dream, with 450 square miles of protected waters teeming with tropical marine life.

History: This property was launched in 2005 by a group of divers looking to preserve the environment and provide income to local communities. It established Raja Ampat’s first protected marine area.

Service: Not only can guests staying at Misool enjoy warm Indonesian hospitality from highly-skilled locals, they contribute to the ongoing conservation initiatives, giving back to their host environment.

Misool Island, Indonesia
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