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Indonesia Issue: Bali, Java, Komodo, Borneo, Papua, Sumatra, and More

Summer is on the way, and for luxury travelers to Asia, that means one thing: Indonesia. The weather is right and the water is clear, so this exclusively Indonesia issue has a look at the best spots on the 18,000 islands.

As the right weather hits from Sumatra to Borneo to Indonesian Papua, Remote Lands is proud to launch its Indonesia Issue of Travelogues. Read never-before-seen stories of the most fascinating nation in Southeast Asia: trekking volcanoes, diving treasures, boarding secret schooners, saving orangutans, eating Balinese cuisine, staying in fascinating new resorts, and more. This is your one-stop-shop for intrepid and luxury travel in Indonesia. If you like what you see, click through, and Remote Lands will get you there.

There are endless island choices to make in Indonesia, and in this issue, Remote Lands breaks down your best options, from tiny, castaway experiences in the Java Sea to hoping aboard the Kudanil to explore Papua in style.

Travel expert Victoria Hilley is on hand to offer us advice on traveling Indonesia and has the inside on the glorious glamping in Capella Ubud. Meanwhile, over in Sumatra, John McMahon helps us learn more about what life is like for the red ape in Indonesia. The incredible Jordan Hammond explores his home of Bali with his camera – that selfsame photographer featured on the cover. Juanita Pienaar, meanwhile, gets down in the muck in Lembeh for some of the finest muck diving in the world in Sulawesi. Also on that island, in Torajaland, Jay Tindall gives us a peak into the dark funeral rites and then journeys to Ijen to descend to an acid lake. Nicole Leigh West will help you dine on Canggu, and Elsha McGill tells you where to drink on Seminyak.

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It’s the fourth most populous nation on the planet, but there’s always an undiscovered corner. It’s 18,000 islands, but it’s tracts of rainforest and dusty plains. It’s the finest resorts in Southeast Asia lavishing guests with Michelin star cuisine, and poison fuming from volcanoes. This is Indonesia. Regardless of what type of traveler you are, there is something to be found here, from trekking with orangutans and tigers in Sumatra by day and glamping on the beach at night to spiritual pilgrimages through the blue seas of Flores and surfing Nihi Sumba. This Indonesia Issue will hopefully help travelers plan their journey a little more effectively – to know when to Bali and when to Java and when to cut loose on your own private schooner.

Now that we’re in the swing of cherry blossom season, don’t forget to check out Remote Lands’ previous issue, Sakura Cometh, which also takes you on a walk through Galle Fort, dives under the waves of Papua New Guinea, drinks through Phnom Penh, and road trips the Pamir Highway.