Mongolia and Siberia: Adventure at the Edge of the World

15 October 2020

Sometimes you just want to get as far as possible from everything — readily available in the mountains, prairies, and deserts of North Asia.

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Sometimes you just want to get as far as possible from everything — readily available in the mountains, prairies, and deserts of North Asia. Whether it’s the frozen ice sheets of Baikal or the Flaming Cliffs of the Gobi, Mongolia and Siberia offer travelers a chance to get close to mother nature and far from everything else. Follow the links below to explore example itineraries designed by Remote Lands’ intrepid team.


This vast string of mountains sprawls across Siberia and Mongolia. Famed for its glaciers and nature, the diverse terrain of the Siberian and Mongolian Altai is inhabited by the nomadic, yurt-dwelling peoples who navigate one of Earth’s most challenging landscapes.


For the adventure traveler, this is the first place that comes to mind when considering winter in Siberia. Whether summer or winter, travel to this region of Siberia can be challenging, but it’s worth it for a holistic Siberian holiday, whether you want swimming and boating or ice fishing and dog-sledding.


Camel trekking, singing dunes, and Flaming Cliffs — the forbidding Gobi is the largest desert in Asia and an endless expanse for adventure, culture, and natural beauty. From Silk Road caravans of old to exciting new wildlife opportunities, the Gobi desert is an adventure playground.


For lovers of wildlife and truly untouched natural landscapes, Kamchatka is the ultimate travel destination. Traverse the eastern edges of the Russian Far East via helicopter to visit with brown bears and fly over active volcanoes in Russia’s wildest landscape. 



The grasslands, rivers, and lakes of Khan Khenti take travelers to Mongolia’s border region with Russia, a world of nomads, horseback riding, and wide open skies. The Tuul River Valley is threaded with pristine waterways, flanked by hills dotted with forests of larch and birch, a place where someone can be truly alone.

READ MORE TRANS-SIBERIAN RAILWAY Whether travelers want a leisurely journey between Siberian destinations or to ride the whole of the most famous rail line in the world from Moscow to Vladivostok, the Trans-Siberian Railroad provides an epic travel experience. From the comfort of a private compartment, travelers can ride through this bucket-list experience in style. READ MORE     #TAKEMETOREMOTELANDS AS RECENTLY FEATURED IN • The Wall Street Journal • Town & Country • Departures • Travel + Leisure • Forbes • Condé Nast Traveler • BusinessWeek • National Geographic Traveler • Palm Beach Post • Chicago Tribune • Financial Times • BBC • Fox Business News • The New York Times REMOTE LANDS, INC.
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