Gobi Desert

Forbidding and expansive, the Gobi Desert is the largest desert in Asia and easily visible from space. From Silk Road caravans to modern day movies, the Gobi Desert has figured prominently in the popular imagination. Savor the harsh beauty of the Gobi from atop a camel; visit the dramatic, multicolored Flaming Cliffs; share a meal with a nomadic family, whose way of life has remained unchanged for decades; or simply savor views of the night sky, clear and unpolluted by light, noise, and human activity. The South Gobi requires a flight to Dalanzadgad, but areas of the North Gobi can be reached by a four hour car ride from Ulaanbaatar.


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Camel Trek

Go on a camel trek in the northern Gobi Desert for a taste of life as a nomadic herder. Meet friendly herdsmen along the way, who will invite you into their gers to learn about their lives.

Flaming Cliffs

The Flaming Cliffs in the South Gobi is a famed archaeological site, so named because of their vibrant glowing orange appearance in the sunlight. The cliffs are a dramatic landscape of jagged red rocks that is rich in fossils – the first fossilized dinosaur eggs were unearthed here in the 1920s by the expedition of Roy Chapman Andrews, and velociraptor remains have also been uncovered nearby.

Sand Dunes

Much of the Gobi Desert is steppe and scrub, but there are several areas in the South Gobi, such as Hongor Els, "The Singing Sands", and the smaller Moltsog Els, near Three Camel Lodge, as well as stretches of dunes in the North Gobi driving distance from Ulaanbaatar.

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