Khan Khentii

A protected area that extends to the very edges of the Russian border, Khan Khentii's allure lies in its lush green pasturelands, wildflowers, and abundant wildlife, from herds of moose to packs of wolves. Khan Khentii is in the Tuul River Valley where grasslands threaded with rivers are flanked by hills dotted with forests of larch and birch. Located in the Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area, the wilderness is three times the size of Yellowstone National Park in the USA. This pristine wilderness area is a "transition zone" from steppe to taiga forest. The region is usually completely green from June through August.


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Helicopter to Hagiin Black Lake

Charter a helicopter over the boreal forests of Khan Khentii, which stand in sharp contrast to Mongolia’s treeless steppes and sandy desert. You will land near Hagiin Black Lake, the source of the Tuul River, which lies northeast of Ulaanbaatar and is difficult to reach by car. Hike through the pristine, dense Siberian forest along the lakeside and enjoy a lovely lunch prepared by your private chef.

Horse Riding

Experience the heart and soul of Mongolia from the back of a horse. Mongolians start riding from a very young age and are some of the world's finest equestrians. If you happen to go to a horse race you will see that the jockeys are as young as age five, and there are still more horses in the country than humans. Horseback riding across the grasslands is one of the best ways to experience the Mongolian landscape, which has changed little since the time of Ghengis Khan.

Lunch with Nomads

Meet with a nomadic family in their ger and experience their distinctive way of life. Help your host family prepare and enjoy a delicious lunch of authentic Mongolian food, which may include Mongolian barbecue, where an entire sheep or goat is cooked over hot rocks. Relax and appreciate their slower pace of life, most likely far removed from your own.

Yak-Cart Rafting

Go yak-cart rafting in the Tuul River, which empties into the Arctic Ocean. An inflatable raft will be taken to the river by yak cart, while a portable sauna is set up here for you so have a hot soak before rafting and swimming in the Tuul, as the river is rather cold, even in the summer months.

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