James Newman

Somerset Maugham: The Eastern Gentleman

Somerset Maugham set sail for British Burma in 1923 expecting tigers, pythons, headhunters, and strange exotic fruits; instead, he found a power hierarchy tottering under the weight of self-importance....

George Orwell’s Indian Days and Burmese Nights

George Orwell's extraordinary talent for understanding the human race was born from the streets and back alleys of British India and Myanmar; these Eastern lands informed one of the greatest literary minds of the Western world. ...

Time for a Tiger: Anthony Burgess in Malaysia

Long before the dystopian Clockwork Orange hit shelves, Southeast Asia would see Anthony Burgess in Malaysia; a grammar school teacher would go to Malaysia and Singapore to make his name with the Malayan Trilogy....
James Newman

James Newman

James Newman is a creative writer who has worked in Asia for as long as he can recall. He can be found developing book, television, and film projects while traveling the region looking for inspiration in the most unlikely places.