John McMahon

Gold Eats: Gilded Delights of Kanazawa

Kanazawa has been ahead of the gold-leaf food craze for about 400 years. Today, travelers can get gilded sushi, ice cream, and korokke in this lovable Japanese destination. ...

Shogun Stronghold: Samurai Castles in Japan

Remnants of a feudal age, the samurai castles of old are the tourist attractions of today. From Kyoto to Okinawa, the shogun centuries are alive and well in the preserved architecture of the Land of the Rising Sun....

Climbathon: The Race up Borneo’s Kinabalu

This is one of the most intense marathons in the world: the Mount Kinabalu Climbathon, in which runners from around the world race to the top of the famed peak of Borneo. ...
John McMahon

John McMahon

John McMahon is a writer and habitual traveler who has made Kanchanaburi, Thailand his home base for fifteen years. Author of five novels, his fiction, essays, and reportage have been published all over the English speaking world.