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Instagram Journeys: Take Me to Papua New Guinea

Despite its natural beauty and fascinating cultural practices, Papua New Guinea remains one of the least traveled regions in Asia; it's time to take a little trip on Instagram.

There’s just something so enthralling about lands as remote as Papua New Guinea, an endlessly diverse country made up of over 600 islands and over 800 different cultural groups. Now, as the tribes gear up for the Mount Hagen festival this summer, the world’s eyes once again turn to this incredible country.

These colorful tribal heartlands are home to a fascinating range of dialects, music, dance, fashion, and architecture. Combined with its spectacular natural beauty of rain forests and mountains, it’s truly a wonder that this is one of the least explored terrains in the Asia-Pacific region. So, let’s take a little trip through Instagram on an enchanting visual exploration of PNG, through the unspoiled treasures and remarkable cultures – from wherever you are in the world.


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