Georgia in February

Beyond the Caucasus, the freezing Russian plains bring very cold air in the winters which can reach as far as the coast. The sea air, however, regulates much of the temperature and there are only 10 snowfall days a year in Georgia in the lowlands. Autumn brings frequent rain to the southern coast, with Batumi receiving around 13 rainy days a month in November and 300 millimeters of precipitation. Tbilisi remains relatively mild in winter, averaging between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius during the day from December to February. The mountainous regions feature much more frosty temperatures with frequent below freezing temperatures.

Suggested Itineraries

A Journey Across Georgia

Take a deep dive into Georgia on this 15-day trip which takes you to lesser explored sites around the country, from the capital to the mountain peaks, wine country, canyons and mountain caves, and all the way to the Black Sea.

Interests Amazing Landscapes, Architecture, Heritage
15 days / 14 nights
Price Per Person
From $10,200

Classic Georgia

Embark on a 6-day trip through Georgia, the jewel of the southern Caucasus. At the crossroads of Asia and Europe, Georgia is rich with heritage, history, and tradition, not to mention outdoor splendor with the Greater Caucasus and Black Sea shaping its landscape. This classic journey gives you a sample of Georgia’s diversity, including the urban capital, the mountains, and prized vineyards. 

Interest Heritage
6 days / 5 nights
Price Per Person
From $5,200

Essential Caucasus: Two Weeks in Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan

Adventure through the Caucasus on this two-week road trip that explores Armenia’s ancient churches, Georgia’s towering peaks, Azerbaijan’s colorful traditions and all the stunning diverse landscapes and intriguing history in between. 

Interests Heritage, Amazing Landscapes, Unesco
14 days / 13 nights
Price Per Person
From $13,100

Georgia: A Culinary Roadtrip

Go on 10-day foray across Georgia’s diverse landscape to discover its rich culinary traditions, experience signature Georgian hospitality, and sample regional fare. Get a taste of what Georgia has to offer as you visit local markets, take masterclasses and try your hand at traditional recipes, join local families for homemade feasts at their homes, stroll vineyards and taste wines in wine cellars. 

Interests Cuisine, Heritage
10 days / 9 nights
Price Per Person
From $7,300


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