Remote Lands planned our fifteen-day, four-city China Singapore trip perfectly! They knew the ins and outs of Asia's first ever night-time F1 street race - no small feat.
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Macao - Coloane

Located at the very south of the region of Macao, Coloane used to be separated from Taipa, until the Cotai Strip was built from reclaimed land in-between - connecting the two islands. This is the region's most peaceful and least developed area, home to scenic, mountainous terrain, and popular with hikers and outdoorsy visitors seeking an escape from the bustle. Originally a haven for pirates, its beaches and coves are now a pleasant getaway destination, and in Coloane village, pastel-colored houses line the narrow streets and alleys.
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Our Director of Global Marketing Phil Ingram loves Macao's unique blend of Portuguese and Chinese culture. Over 400 years of history have created a place like no other in the world.
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