Kenting National Park

Located on the southern tip of Taiwan, Kenting National Park a popular holiday or day trip destination for locals and visitors alike. This large recreational area of outstanding and varied natural beauty is home to sandy beaches, weird and wonderful rock formations and stalagmite-filled grottos caused by centuries of erosion. There are forests and beautiful tree-lined hikes, as well as the only tropical botanical garden in Taiwan. Visitors come for a range of outdoor pursuits; some head to the beach for fun both on top and beneath the water, which is home to attractive sealife. Hikers and rock-climbers explore the natural pathways and cavernous wonderlands, while thrill-seekers explore the area by road on speedy scooters. At night, the main strip is the focus as all the visitors converge at the night market.


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Botanical garden

One of only ten tropical botanical gardens in the world, guests will find here a place that’s home to thousands of species of exotic flora and fauna. brightly-colored flowers attract butterflies and in the cooler months, migratory birds including Chinese goshawks, oriental honey-buzzards come here to roost. At times it’s possible to see lively groups of Formosan macaques playing.


The varied terrain in the national park makes for an interesting and beautiful range of trails for all abilities. Forests filled with colorful wildlife and vegetation make for lovely shaded walks, while limestone gorges and caves appeal to intrepid climbers.

Night market

A great range of authentic food and souvenirs is available and the entertainment includes music and games, which makes for an evening of family fun.

Scuba diving

The rugged coasts off Kenting National Park make for an underwater wonderland filled with exotic fish and stunning coral. The best way to explore the sub-marine world is with a scuba tour and many companies operate from the beach.


As well as being ideal for swimming, Kenting’s beaches are a haven for all manner of high-speed activities, including jet-skiing and surfing. Equipment is available for hire from the public and private beaches.

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