One of the oldest, continually inhabited places in Thailand, Krabi is thought to have been home to homo sapiens since 25,000 to 35,000 B.C. While the area suffered considerable damage during the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004, Krabi has since recovered - though tsunami evacuation signs are a common sight throughout its streets.

Today, Krabi is best known for its surreal, finger-like limestone karst formations that sit on the edge of the cerulean Andaman Sea, alongside mangrove forests, coral, outlying islands, and lovely beaches. This natural wealth draws kayakers, adventurous rock climbers looking for an outdoor challenge, and travelers curious about the strange, otherworldly topography of the region.


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Adventure Sports

Krabi is an ideal location for outdoor adventures: rock climbing on the surrounding limestone cliffs, snorkeling and diving in the Andaman Sea, hiking, and sea canoeing or kayaking around the outlying islands and in remote mangrove channels.


Take a canoe on a private tour into some of the caves and interior rooms of Krabi’s limestone formations, called hongs in Thai. Coral formations, in shallow and deep water, offer great snorkeling, and of course, the quiet, unobtrusive approach of the sea canoe is ideal for spotting some of the seabirds and wildlife to be found here.

Kao Kanab Nam

Hop on a longtail boat and pass by Kao Kanab Nam, the most famous mountain in Krabi. During World War II, it is believed that Japanese soldiers hid weapons inside the mountain.

Koh Klang

Continue cruising through the Andaman Sea through magnificent mangrove forests and a fish farm. Arrive at Middle Island, or Koh Klang, and chat with the villagers here who live in this idyllic atmosphere; most work as mini-longtail boat builders or rice field farmers. On this island and at other stops on this afternoon excursion, you might see monkeys, lizards, kingfishers, red-arm crab and other native wildlife.

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