Patan – or Lalitpur, as it is also known – is one of the largest cities in Nepal, located in the Kathmandu Valley. This city has long since had a tradition of arts and crafts, of festival, of feast, and of rich cultural traditions, and its heritage has not only been preserved but perpetuated. Located just across the Bagmati River from neighboring metropolis Kathmandu, Patan has managed to grow as a large city with a strong economy of trade and commerce, while maintaining its charming, medieval feel. Home to over 1,200 monuments, Patan itself is like a museum, filled with wood carvings, ornate statues, and both Hindu and Buddha temples. For culture, for art, for religion, and for an escape to something both tangible and dreamlike, Patan is a city not to be missed.


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Golden Temple

This Buddhist Temple is known for its color – as bright and golden as the sun from the ground to the roof. Visitors can delight in the statues and deities, but the real treat is finding the secret passageway!

Krisnhna Mender Temple

This tall, unique temple is a true architectural marvel – and though it must have a lovely view, only Hindus are allowed to climb its steep stairs. Nonetheless, take in the beauty of the building by enjoying a meal at a nearby restaurant, within eyesight of the temple.


With a rich history as an arts and crafts haven, Patan’s markets are filled with unique goods, hand-crafted out of local materials - perfect for visitors looking to learn about tradition and also pick up some souvenirs. Also of note is a visit to Park Gallery, an artist-run space that has turned into a hub for galleries and shops.

Patan Dhoka

The first stop for guests to this unique city? - Patan Dhoka, the historic entrance to this exotic metropolis that is both beautiful and marvelous in its intricate architecture. Visitors should take note… this is only the beginning!

Patan Durbar Square

As one of seven Monument Zones that make up the Kathmandu Valley World Heritage Site, the Patan Durbar Square is a site not to be missed. With its classic Newa architecture, red brick tiled ground, and the array of temples surrounding it, Patan Durbar Square is at the center of life in the city and a must-see for visitors.

Patan Museum

For those visitors interested in Asian art and its history, the Patan Museum provides a world-class learning experience, showcasing statues, artifacts, and art from centuries past. Located inside a palace, this museum displays the rich history of Nepal and the intrinsic art traditions that still exist today.

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