Resorts By Seaplane

For intrepid explorers seeking thrills and adventure as well as tranquility and seclusion at the further reaches of the Maldives' pearl necklace of islands, there are a number of atolls that can only be reached by seaplane. With many of these remote getaways holding just one resort, they are the ideal choice for those who want to escape the world, kick off their shoes and bask in nature. Upon landing in Male, guests bound for those outer atolls can check in for their amphibious transport at the airport before taking a van to the seaplane terminal where the relaxation begins immediately in the private lounges. Once aboard, the journey of no more than one hour affords incomparable bird's-eye views of the tiny white islands, scattered in the deep azure ocean. It is worth bearing in mind that these destinations are best suited for travelers who are happy to pack light, since seaplane luggage is restricted to 44lbs.

On the return journey, the last seaplanes depart for Male at 3pm each day which, for travelers with late flight times, can allow for a little time to explore the city of Male or indulge in a little shopping at the airport.


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The Maldives may be an island paradise with incredible aboveground beauty, but it’s what’s under the water that will truly amaze. Divers flock from all corners of the Earth to plunge into these crystal-clear waters, which boast healthy, thriving coral, as well as sharks, manta rays, and thick schools of gaudy reef fish.

Dolphin Cruises

A cruise out into the ocean is all it takes to discover the different species of dolphins that live around the Maldives. Known as friendly, intelligent mammals, the dolphins may even swim up to the boat - allowing for a great photo opportunity and a lasting memory.

Snorkel Safari

Visitors keen to get a glimpse of an incredible underwater world can advantage of their spot in the middle of the Indian Ocean by going on a snorkelling safari. A resident marine biologist will be able to point out all of the fish, sea creatures and coral frolicking amidst the turquoise water.


There is nothing quite like being totally pampered - head-to-toe - while in a tropical paradise. Guests can enjoy facials, massages, manicures, steam baths, and more at state-of-the-art spas hosted on-site at every high-end resort in the Maldives.

Vows renewed

On the beach, under the stars, or in the turquoise water, romance is alive in the Maldives. Where could there be a better opportunity to renew wedding vows than in this tropical paradise, where the magic of the islands fans the flames of passion?

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