Southern Beaches

One of the most popular destinations in Bali is its south shores, home to plentiful beaches with golden sand and clear waters. With many to choose from, there is a beach for everyone. Seminyak is a trendy area with lots of expats and a classy array of shops, cafes, and hotels, making it popular among families who enjoy beautiful sunsets on the beach, while surfers come for the perennial waves. Jimbaran Bay is comparatively less developed and thus more relaxed. Its extended curved bay is perfect for walking and the village is home to an ancient temple and fish markets. Nusa Dua, situated on the eastern shore of southernmost Bali, is among the most tranquil of the beach scenes. Luxury resorts with manicured gardens are dotted along its quiet stretch of white sands and still waters, a great choice for honeymooners and families. Canggu is an upcoming hotspot, a cool and alternative scene with a surf-shack groove that offers a calmer alternative to its sophisticated neighbor Seminyak. 


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Surfers can find the perfect wave at many beaches. Uluwatu at the southwestern tip of the island is a favorite of many pro-surfers. Aside from the sea view vista, caves, and temple, there are six main surf peaks which all offer something unique for the advanced surfer.


One of the most popular places for shopping on the island is Seminyak, one of Bali’s most stylish villages and home to the island’s sophisticated expat community. Many of the shops carry local designer clothes, antiques, furniture, handicrafts, and lifestyle goods. Pause to refuel at one of many cafes and eateries serving healthy and tropical fare.

Sunset Beach BBQ

Take a sunset horseback ride along the beach and conclude with a celebratory barbecue by the ocean.

Boat Charter

Charter a boat and go snorkeling, diving, fishing, or surfing in crystal clear waters of the Java Sea.

Helicopter Flight

Take a helicopter over the large and diverse island of Bali, with its picturesque beaches, sheer cliffs, spectacular volcanoes, emerald rice terraces, steep gorges and exotic wildlife.

Kopi Luwak

Sample kopi luwak, among the most expensive coffee in the world. Made from coffee beans which were eaten, digested, and excreted by the civet, a small, jungle cat native to Indonesia and southeast Asia, kopi luwak is perhaps the most expensive of its kind in the world, selling at almost $700 for 2 pounds (1 kilogram). While kopi luwak does vary depending on the type of bean used and the health of the civet (which in turn affects its enzymes), on the whole, kopi luwak is a strong, smooth coffee that tends to lack a bitter aftertaste.

Traditional Music & Dance

Meet with young Balinese students of traditional Indonesian dance and gamelan music. Join them for hands-on lessons in their art followed by a private performance. Learn about the rich, varied tradition of indigenous dance forms in Indonesia, including Balinese and Javanese dance.

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