Surrounded by rice fields, villages, temples, palaces, rivers and art and craft communities, Ubud is a cultural center where life moves at a leisurely pace, particularly in comparison to Bali’s more cosmopolitan cities, Denpasar and Seminyak. Ubud is Bali’s center for fine arts, dance and music with convenient access to neighboring villages, well-known for their stone and wood carvings as well as bamboo and wooden furniture. In the town proper, you will find plentiful boutiques, restaurants and massage spas all of which make Ubud one of Bali’s most relaxing and artsy destinations.


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Rice Terraces

Ubud is known for its verdant rice terraces, a picturesque sight of hand-carved hills and green-carpeted valleys forested with palm and banana trees. A walk or bike ride among the fields is a must-do for any visitor to Ubud and there are plenty to choose among to avoid the crowds.


Ubud’s lush hills and valleys with gentle slopes were made for biking. Take a leisurely countryside bike ride with stops for fresh fruit, secret temples, and even a meeting with local farmers or the medicine man.


There are several trails in Ubud, ranging from easy to challenging, that all offer an escape from town and traffic into the serene countryside. Sunrise and sunset walks are particularly rewarding when the temperatures are cooler and the sunlight crawls against the hills and rice fields.

Temples and Blessings

Ubud is dotted with shrines and temples. Tirta Empul, known as the Water Temple, is a popular place where Balinese Hindus go to bathe in the holy waters. We can take you to a quiet secret temple where you can receive a longevity blessing from the high priest.


Known as the artistic center of Bali, Ubud’s robust art scene is evident everywhere from handmade silver jewelry shops, intricately carved doorways of homes and temples, stone statues that decorate the lanes, and art galleries and museums all over town. Traditionally art was used in Bali for religious purposes and passed down from generation to generation. Painting is the most common art form but silver-smithing, stone and wood carving, basket weaving, and batik also flourish.

Handicraft Market & Shopping

Though souvenir shops are ubiquitous across the whole island, Ubud is one of the top places to shop for clothing, accessories, and handicrafts due to its handmade art scene, and the Ubud Art Market is the pinnacle. Spend time wading among the bulk of typical souvenirs and you may come away with quality Balinese ikat textiles, stunning homeware, and other unique handmade treasures.

Monkey Forest

The Monkey Forest is a natural sanctuary and home to over a thousand Balinese long-tailed macaques. These rambunctious simians can be seen swinging through canopies, grooming, and feeding on bananas. The forest is home to several endemic plant species and also three temples.

White-Water Rafting

Go whitewater rafting on the Telaga Waja River, which starts in east Bali below the great Mt. Agung. Brave class III and IV rapids, discover hidden waterfalls, swim in the pristine water, and feel the might of this river. This is a thrilling way to see Bali's jungles and waterscapes; you will rush past steep banks and ancient hanging trees, whilst rafting straight through cascades of cold, natural spring water.

Traditional Dance Performances

An integral part of its art scene, traditional dance is famed in Ubud and still performed regularly. The Kecak performance is particularly popular and involves dancers recreating the story from the Ramayana to the backdrop of a chanting audience.

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