One of the least-known destinations on the Indian subcontinent, Sylhet is a beautiful, lush highland region far-removed from the dust and crowds of Bangladesh's riverine lowlands. Because of its elevation, Sylhet became the center of Bangladesh's tea industry, and was favored by the British colonial elites as a hill station and summer retreat. Today, modern Sylhet retains much of its charm, a sort of fusion between British country aesthetics and South Asian design evocative of the bygone days when the British Raj exerted control over the area.


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Bangladesh Tea Research Institute

Visit the Bangladesh Tea Research institute, where you can meet with a local tea specialist who will tell you about their work, and give you a tasting of your choice of local tea varieties.

Five-Color Tea

Stop for an amazing glass of 'five-color tea,' a local specialty, in which five different types of tea and a layer of sweet honey are carefully floated one on top of the other.


A series of wetlands in northeastern Bangladesh, the haors are a sanctuary for nearly 207 species of migratory birds who make their way from Siberia, across the Himalayas, and finally to Bangladesh. The value of the area has just been recognized by the national government, and while there have been a number of conservation efforts, it remains to be seen whether these wetlands will continue to host the migratory birds that it has in years past.

Hill Tribes

Visit the villages of the local Khashia and Monipuri tribes, whose dwellings are usually surrounded by betel nut trees. Before entering, be sure to request permission from the village chief; custom dictates that the entire village cannot welcome you without his approval.

Lowacherra Forest

East of the town of Srimangal, Lowacherra Forest is a protected reserve that is home to a number of gibbons, tropical birds, and hundreds of species of plants, including several types of flowering orchids.


A roaring waterfall, Mahabkunda is one of the tallest of its kind in Bangladesh. As the site is well-known within the country, Mahabkunda is, unfortunately, often crowded with flocks of tourists. Luckily, the area around the waterfall is home to a number of rubber and tea plantations, which make for a quick escape from the endless throngs of sightseers.


A lovely place on the Bangladesh-India border, Tamabil-Jaflong sports wonderful views of waterfalls, tea gardens, and the nearby valley.

Tea Estates Cycling Tour

Set out for the tea estates by bicycle and cruise through the verdant landscape. Hike through terraced fields where the tea is grown and visit the processing plant to learn about how it is dried and prepared. Meet with the estate owner, who will give you a tasting of his product, and chat with him about the business of tea and its history in Sylhet.

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