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This 10-day journey reveals the charms of one of Asia’s most under appreciated destinations, Bangladesh. A gem hidden in plain sight, Bangladesh boasts incredible natural beauty with countless rivers running through its verdant lands, lush rainforests, the world’s longest natural beach, freshwater swamps, and one of the most famous mangrove forests in the world. Start in the capital of Dhaka, densely populated and buzzing with a frenetic energy that propels the city faster than development can keep up. Then, travel north to Sylhet, tea country, for a special cup of 7-layer tea and a cruise through Ratargul Swamp Forest. Down in Chittagong, see its famous port and meet the minority communities in its hill tracts. Finally, explore the Sundarbans by private boat and rowboat. In this ecologically-rich landscape lives dolphins, saltwater crocodiles, snakes, and the king of the jungle - the Royal Bengal Tiger.

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  • Boundless Energy: Dhaka’s hectic atmosphere can be overwhelming at first but exploring this city rewards you with fascinating museums, historic temples and churches, bustling markets, and death-defying rickshaw rides.
  • Tea Country: Sylhet, home to some of the largest and most scenic of the country’s tea gardens, offers tea-enthusiasts a special concoction: seven-layer tea, with each layer different in color and taste.
  • Port of History: Get to know Chittagong, the second largest city and its historic significance as the port city of Bangladesh. It has one of the world’s oldest ports and the country’s busiest international seaport. This port city was much sought-after as a colonial foothold, notably by the British. It was also the site of the country’s declaration of independence.
  • Ecological Wonders: Explore the Sundarbans, one of the world's largest mangrove forests and a designated UNESCO world heritage site, by boat and keep an eye out for rare endangered species including the Royal Bengal Tiger.


Arrive in Bangladesh’s thriving capital, Dhaka, one of Southeast Asia’s most bustling, major cities. You will be met at the airport and transferred via private car to your hotel. After settling in, head out to check out some of Dhaka’s must-see stops, including the National Museum and the National Parliament House, an imposing fortress designed by American architect Louis Kahn and considered one of the most important buildings of the 20th century. Relax for the evening at your hotel.

Spend today touring around the city, starting with Karwan Bazar. Early morning is the busiest time at this wholesale market where you can witness mountains of fresh produce. Then head to Sadharghat River Front for a cruise around the river, putting you in the midst of the action. From the river, witness the pandemonium onshore where tens of thousands of people pass through the terminal and a flurry of loading and unloading activities around the ramshackle warehouses on the riverfront. Spend the afternoon in Old Dhaka, where its historic architecture conjures memories of times past when Dhaka was one of the largest and most prosperous cities of the Indian subcontinent. Pay a visit to Ahsan Manjil, or the Pink Palace, and Tara Masjid, also known as Star Mosque, before embarking on a rickshaw tour of the city - a traditional experience you won’t soon forget!


Rise early and fly north to Sylhet, the hub of the country's tea industry. Upon arrival, first head to Ratargul Swamp Forest where you will board a private boat to explore one o fthe few freshwater swamp forests int he world. During the rainy season, as much as 30 feet of water floods the forest. Return to Sylhet to visit a tea plantation and sample the exquisite seven-layer tea, a carefully crafted novel beverage created here.

After breakfast, fly back to Dhaka. Today is dedicated to learning more about the country's culture and crafts. Not far outside of Dhaka is Panam Nagar, once a thriving textile trading hub in the 19th century that became known as the "Ghost City" after a fire razed much of the historic city to the ground. Explore the remains and the few original buildings left standing, formerly affluent homes and textile workshops left derelict. In a nearby working village, learn about the traditional art of Jamdani weaving which is marked by intricate design and highly breathable garments. Weaving is still an integral part of Bengali culture and weavers take great pride in their heritage and work.


Today you are headed to Chittagong, just an hour's flight away. This ancient port city was noted as one of the largest Eastern ports by Ptolemy in the 1st century and is today the second-most populous city in Bangladesh. Begin with a survey of the sea and seafood at Patenga Beach which is lined with restaurants, kiosks, and fresh fish market. Then, see some of the city's colonial-era buildings on an architecture tour and learn more about that period. Stop by the Shrine of Bayazid Bostami, a tomb that is considered to be a holy place, attracting many pilgrims and visitors daily, who come to the pond to feed the black soft shell turtles-- a species declared as Extinct in the Wild in 2002.

Day 6



Arise early and make an early drive out to Rangamati, one of the three districts of the Chittagong Hill Tracts. As this is a protected area, access will be pre-arranged and you will stop for registration upon entering the district. Head into the lush hills to explore the rich tribal landscapes of these protected lands. Around 11 tribal communities live in the Chittagong Hill tracts and these indigenous tribes differe in both physical appearance and in religious and culutral beliefs from the rest of the country. Visit villages, observe the local way of life, stop at local markets and have a cup of tea with tribe members. Round out the day with a cruise around Kaptai Lake in the middle of Rangamati. This beautiful lake has a tragic history: the creation of the dam displaced thousands of native people which led to subsequent years of unrest between the tribes and the government.


Spend more time in the green hills and visit the morning market before heading back to Chittagong. Fly back to Dhaka where the rest of the afternoon is yours. We recommend resting up for tomorrow's adventure and last leg of your journey.


Get ready for a unique destination today - the largest single block of mangrove forest in the world, also an UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Sundarbans. After breakfast, catch a flight from Dhaka to Jessore, from where you will transfer to Mongla. Upon arrival in Mongla, you will board a private boat for your tour of the forest and waterways. The National Park here is home to a tiger reserve, home to over 400 Royal Bengal Tigers and an abundance of other wildlife. There are few local villages that are settled in this protected area. Visit a village, where you can interact with the locals to get a taste for their daily life. Spend the night on your riverboat this evening.

Spend the day exploring the Sundarbans. Besides tigers, this ecologically-rich area is home to the King Cobra, spotted deer, monitor lizards, and much more. Enjoy spotting the curious wildlife on land, in the waters, and in the trees, as you leisurely cruise through the waterways. Get into a small wooden rowboat to explore deeper into the canals where you may spot the more elusive creatures. This rowboat slices silently through the waters, allowing you to fully immerse in the cacophony of the forest environment. If you are lucky, you may hear the roar of a tiger - or even rarer, spot one.

The Sundarbans
The Sundarbans

Early this morning, take in the final scenes of this great mangrove forest as you cruise back to the park entrance. After breakfast, travel back to Jessore via Mongla for your flight back to Dhaka and onward.


Price is based on double or twin hotel room occupancy and includes accommodation, transfers, car/driver, English-speaking guide, activities and entrance fees, breakfasts and some casual lunches while touring. Permits to the Chittagong Hill Tracts will be pre-arranged and included. Flights and optional special activities will be quoted separately.  Most personal expenses, including dinners, alcoholic beverages, spa treatments and gratuities can be paid on the spot while traveling.

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