The Sundarbans

Sitting at the confluence of the Padma, Brahmaputra, and Meghna Rivers and the Bay of Bengal, the Sundarbans are the world's largest mangrove forest. A rich, remarkable river environment that covers much of the Bangladeshi coast, the Sundarbans were designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997 for its stunning beauty and sheer biodiversity.

A maze of mudflats, islands, mangroves, and tidal waterways, the Sundarbans are home to Ganges River dolphins, saltwater crocodiles, 300 species of birds, spotted deer, snakes, and of course, the endangered Royal Bengal Tiger. Despite its fame and status as a protected area, however, the Sundarbans in recent years are threatened by rising sea levels, erosion, and human development.


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Sundarbans Tiger Reserve

Visit the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve, one of the last wild homes of the magnificent Royal Bengal tiger. The population here numbers some 500 animals and your chances of a rare sighting of these beautiful animals in the wild are quite good, especially during the dry season. Don't forget to enjoy the other inhabitants of the area: listen to the monkeys overhead, and watch the chitral, or spotted deer, jungle fowl and giant lizards as you cruise silently down the river.

Village Visit

Stop in a village and meet the people there; visit the home of a fisherman’s family and learn about their lives in this unique environment. Have an informal cooking demonstration and enjoy a simple lunch of their fresh catch.

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