Thought to have long been historically inhabited by the Tush, a subgroup of Georgians, Tusheti is located on the northern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountains on the border with the Russian republics of Chechnya and Dagestan. Traditionally known for its sheep herding, Tushetian cheese and quality have long been exported to Europe and Russia, a tradition that continues to this day. This pastoral, natural beauty continues into the Caucasus mountains, where Tusheti is well known as a hiking and trekking destination. Of the two Tush groups inhabiting the Tusheti, the Chaghma-Tush and Tsova-Tush, better known as Bats, the Tsova-Tush speak Nakh, a group of languages specific only to the Northeast Caucasian families of languages. 


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Walking and horse-trekking

The intrepid seeking the best of Georgia’s wild side will find it in Tusheti, where a landscape of tall peaks, deep forges, and high waterfalls studded with villages makes for truly scenic alpine exploration. Some of the best trails for hiking and horse-trekking run through Tusheti.

Omalo Village

Omalo is the main village in Tusheti, located high on the norther slopes of the Great Caucasus mountain range. It is largely isolated from the rest of Georgia for most of the year due to heavy snowfall obstructing the roads. Protecting the town is Keselo fortress with its 13 towers, its ruins still perched on a steep hill above the upper part of the village. Omalo is an ideal starting point for various outdoor adventures around Tusheti to other medieval villages and valleys.

Dartlo Village

Dartlo is a fairy-tale hamlet perched above the Alazani river and is Tusheti’s second-most populous settlement. Since 2012, several towers have been rebuilt and local guest houses renovated, a beautification effort that sees Dartlo transforming into a postcard-perfect alpine village.

Diklo Village

Diklo is another quaint village studded into Tusheti’s mountainous slopes. A popular easy hike for those traveling to Diklo is a 40-minute walk to the ancient Dzveli Diklo fortress which perches on a spectacular rock promontory looking east to Dagestan.

Shenako Village

This highland village is located at 2070 meters above sea level and is only accessible by 4WD. The village is overlooked by Mount Diklo and features a series of folk buildings, traditional house-towers, and an old church.

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