Georgia’s second largest city and found on the picturesque Black Sea, Batumi is a tourism hotbed on the Republic’s coast. With a history predating the first century, the Bitumi of today is known for, among other things, gambling — earning it the moniker of the “Las Vegas of the Black Sea”. Long a port for the Romans and later the Byzantines, nearby ruins from the Roman Empire can be found at the Gonio Fortress, an old Roman fortification rumored to be the gravesite of Saint Matthias, the apostle. Batumi’s location on the sea made it an important trading hub for more than a thousand years. Since then, Batumi has been invaded by the Ottomans, Imperial Russians, and the Soviet Union, but today Batumi is a rare Caucasus beach destination, famed with both locals and travelers for its relatively pleasant weather and classical 19th-century-styled Old Town. Despite being a largely urban destination, many travelers opt to visit the nearby alpine hiking trails of Mtirala National Park.


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Batumi Boulevard

This seaside park stretches just over four miles alongside the sea shore of Batumi Old Town. During the height of the summer season, the boulevard is bustling with cafes, restaurants, carts selling refreshments, local crafts and kitsch stores, beach bars and clubs. It is a lovely stroll during any time of day, whether quiet mornings, hot afternoons, or picturesque sunset.


Batumi’s main draw is of course its beach. Located on the Black Sea, Batumi’s subtropical climate is a popular summertime escape for Georgian residents seeking a change of scenery from the mountains and cities.

Fish Market

Situated close to the seaside, the market hawks fresh mussels, crabs, and a variety of fish to locals and tourists alike. Visitors can have their purchase cleaned and cooked at any fish restaurant nearby to enjoy with the sea views, Georgian wine, and other traditional and regional dishes.

Alphabetic Tower

Georgians are proud of their unique alphabet and this Alphabetic Tower is a sky-high tribute. It is decoreated with the Georgian alphabet script and offers panoramic city views.

Adjara Art Museum

Those seeking relief from the sun and ocean can come visit the Adjara Art Museum which displays paintings, drawings, and sculptures by native Georgian artists as well as a revolving collection from foreign artists.

Batumi Botanical Garden

Established in 1912 by Russian botanist Andrew Krasnov, the Batumi Botanical Garden spreads over an area of more than 100 hectares. Batumi’s warm subtropical climate allows the garden to cultivate tropical and subtropical plants from around the world, from Canary date palms and Japanese cherry blossoms to North American redwoods and Australian gums. Visitors can take leisurely walks along the many paths and trails.

Gonio Fortress

This impressive Roman fortification with 18 towers sits on the Black Sea south of Batumi at the mouth of the Chorokhi river. It is believed that the grave of Saint Matthias, one of the twelve apostles, is inside the Gonio Fortress.

Mtirala National Park

This protected area sits between the Black Sea and the Adjara Mountains, and is part of the Colchic Rainforests and Wetlands, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Mtirala National Park features mixed forests and its local fauna include the brown bear, eagle owl, Eurasian marsh frog, Caucasian viper and more. Visitors are welcome to hike, horse-ride, zipline, picnic, and overnight at designated campsites.

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