Kakheti Wine Region

Nearly three-quarters of Georgia's wine grapes are grown In the Kakheti region, including Sighnaghi, Telavi, and Tsinandali. Though there are many types of wine to try throughout the region, Rkatsiteli, a white grape, is the most celebrated — known for its granny smith apple taste and subtle spice. The main city of Kakheti is Telavi, facing the mighty Tsiv-Gombori Range, and the city itself boasts a history that features some of the region’s most important sites, from the de: Dzveli Galavani fortress of the first Kakhetian kings in the 9th century to the Kuchibashi Shvilebis Tsikhe, a 16th century castle for nobleman. First settled in the Paleolithic era, Sighnaghi holds the distinction of being one of Georgia’s smallest and most picturesque towns, complete with cobblestone streets and an outlook over the Alazani Valley. Wine aficionados will not want to miss the Tsinandali Old Winery, where Prince Alexander Chavchavadze built a cellar and factory in his estate in the 1830s.


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Kakheti has well-developed wine trails with numerous open cellar doors that welcome guests to taste their wines, tour the vineyards, take masterclasses in wine pairing, and learn about Georgia’s long-lasting history of winemaking.

Tsinandali Estate

Located in the small village with the same name, Tsinandali Estate is a a historic winery-estate that once belonged to the 19th-century aristocratic poet Alexander Chachavadze. Today the winery produces exceptional award-winning wines and is open for visitors to taste premium wines, explore its gardens and vineyards, and visit the house-museum of Chavchavadze on the grounds.


Sighnaghi is a popular town in Kakheti for both its vineyards as well as its fairy-tale charm. Its curvy cobbled streets, colorful buildings with wooden balconies, medieval architecture, and snowcapped Caucasus mountains in the distance, it is no wonder Sighnagi is known as the “City of Love” and a destination for locals looking to get married.

Sighnaghi Museum

This modern museum showcases several thousand artifacts found around the Kakheti region on the first floor, and a painting gallery by famous Georgian painter Niko Pirosmanashvili as well as numerous temporary exhibits.


The main city in Kakheti, Telavi commonly serves as a base for trips around the region. Small enough to explore by foot, Telavi has a handful of worthy sights including the Palace of King Erekle II, a couple churches, a beautifully renovated Old Street, a giant plane tree, small wineries and eateries, as well as a fantastic green market.

Bodbe Monastery

Just outside of Sighnagi is the Monastery of St. Nino at Bodbe. St. Nino, a 4th-century female evangelist who witnessed the conversion of Georgians to the Christian faith, withdrew to Bodbe where she was subsequently buried upon death and a monastery was constructed in its place. The monastery now functions as a nunnery and is one of the major pilgrimage sites in the country.

Alaverdi Cathedral

A short distance from Telavi is Alaverdi Cathedral, built during Georgia’s golden age at the beginning of the 11th century. Within the cathedral compound are the bishop’s residence and the Alaverdi Marani winery where annual harvest festivities see people coming from remote mountain areas to worship, celebrate, and enjoy the local wine.

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