With scenic views mountains and a sea of rice fields, Sasayuri-Ann is comprised of lovely wooden villas built with traditional Japanese aesthetics, such as a thatched roof and traditional pine flooring. Guests sleep on traditional futon bedding atop tatami flooring, can enjoy the tranquility of landscaped gardens and gorgeous views, then relaxing by the fireplace in the evenings. Check out the Homa Temple to experience the syncretism of Shintoism and Buddhism, or explore the nearby Fukano Village before returning to enjoy gourmet meals of sushi, local fare, or even barbecue and pizza. There is even a "Washoku" course meal that can be provided as prepared by a Michelin star-awarded chef. What really sets the Sasayuri-Ann apart, however, is its superior level of service, which is overseen by Tetsuji Matsubayashi, who is happy to show guests around the area and ensure that their stay is second-to-none.

Why We Love This Hotel

Lifestyle: The remote, traditionally designed Sasayuri-Ann is about more than just its beautiful setting; it also stands out in the calming approach to life it delivers to guests.

Architecture: Designed with traditionally thatched roofs and pine flooring, along with tatami mats and cypress bathtubs, the aesthetics are sure to inspire.

Food: All meals are enjoyed from the intimacy of one’s accommodation and are meticulously prepared by the on-site staff. Meals range from barbecue to multi-course sushi arrays prepared by Michelin star-awarded chefs.

Nara, Japan
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