Songtsam Linka Lhasa

When people close their eyes and imagine Tibet, the iconic Potala Palace may come to mind, and the Songtsam Linka Lhasa positions its guests just a stone’s throw from the famed structure. The palace is located a mere three miles away and is directly visible from the windows and balconies of several of the hotel’s rooms. The hotel itself features slaked lime walls, indigo-carved windows, and a fish-fin-shaped facade – all nods to traditional Tibetan artisans and culture – and the interior maintains an aura of reverence with decorations like wooden floors covered by warm carpets and exquisite wall tapestries. Rooms are spacious, with sitting spaces, balconies, and comfortable beds, and they are equipped with oxygen concentrators to help guests deal with Lhasa’s demanding altitude. There is a Chinese and Tibetan restaurant, which serves excellent home-style dishes, as well as a Western restaurant, where guests will find a breakfast buffet and a selection of wines later in the day. There is also a library and a boutique where guests can purchase souvenirs. Besides Potala Palace, visitors to Lhasa can also explore Jokhang Temple and the Drepung and Sera monasteries, and there are also many natural landscapes to explore in the region.

Why We Love This Hotel

Location: At just three miles away from the most important Tibetan structure in the world, the location of the Songtsam Linka Lhasa is hard to beat.

Style: The hotel’s Thangka paintings and wall tapestries produce an environment reminiscent of how noble Tibetan families lived centuries ago.

Comfort: The inviting beds and sitting rooms are a perfect place to unwind and refresh after long days spent exploring the cultural and natural wonders of Lhasa.

Lhasa, Tibet
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  • Boutiques
  • Coffee Shop
  • Library
  • Restaurant
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