Malaysia in June

April through October sees many downpours in and around Kuala Lumpur and Malacca during its rainy season, which for many provides welcome relief to the sometimes stifling humidity, as does Malacca’s sea breeze which brings the temperatures down by 1 or 2 degrees. Located at an altitude of 1,500m above sea level, the highlands have a distinctly different climate to the rest of Malaysia. Temperatures average a very pleasant 22 °C (72 °F) in the daytime and a relatively cool 15 °C (59 °f) at night, a rare occasion where a sweater might be needed in Malaysia. The climate is ideal for the growing of flowers, fruit and tea, and the highland’s atmosphere is a far cry from bustling Kuala Lumpur. Many see this time as a chance to duck between the showers and walk the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia’s highest resort, taking in strawberry and honey bee farms, or meals at delightful Tudor-style inns.

At the same time, this is the wet season on the Western Coast, with monsoons during April through May, and again in October through November. On the island of Penang the wettest month is October, which sees 170 mm of rain, though temperatures remain hot between 24 and 32 °C (75-90 °F). Rainforest treks and sea-crossings are sometimes affected during the rainy season, but the heavy downpours generally only last a couple of hours (usually in mid to late afternoon). It is considered the best timeto spot wildlife on the Malay Peninsula in places like Taman Negara, with April through July the best for bird watching, though August to September is the best time to see the many hornbills around Temenggor Lake in Perak in the country’s north.

While on the East Coast, it is now the dry season, when the diving hotspots of Tioman Island and the white sand beaches of the exclusive Perhentian Islands (particularly Rawa, Serengeh and Tokong Burun ) come to life when waters are at their clearest and temperatures regularly top 30 °C (86 °F), offering perfect destinations for hitting the pristine beaches. The Perhentians are home to the ultra-rare green and hawksbill turtles and a rich array of marine life and tropical fish, a scuba diver’s dream.


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Recommended Festivals For Malaysia in June

Borneo Marathon


Known as "the beautiful run," the Borneo marathon takes place along the palm-fringed, coastal roads of the island of Kinabalu in Sabah. Participants can take part in the full marathon (26.2 miles) or half marathon (13.1 miles) or the 10 km run (just over 6 miles). Spectators line the route, creating a festive atmosphere.

Location Kinabalu, Malaysia

Buffalo Race Festival


This two-day festival is celebrated by the Bisaya people of Sarawak and attracts visitors from all over. The Bisaya honor their buffalos with a carnival featuring dance and music performances, traditional food and handmade crafts. The highlight is an exciting bareback buffalo race between teams from Limbang, Sabah and Brunei.

Location Sarawak, Malaysia

Sabah Dragon Boat Race


This increasingly popular event attracts boat racing teams from Hong Kong, China, Japan and the rest of Malaysia to Likas Bay in Sabah. Spectators flock to see the colorful boat race as the teams beat their drums to synchronize their paddling. There are local gourmet delicacies, while music and dance creates a carnival atmosphere.

Location Sabah, Malaysia

San Pedro Fiesta


For decades, the descendents of the Portuguese settlers of Melaka have held an annual festival in honor of the patron saint of fishermen and now the week-long San Pedro fiesta is popular with tourists from all over who come for the bazaars, the fairground, concerts, cultural performances and the procession and feast on the final day.

Location Melaka, Malaysia

Sabah International Folklore Festival


Folk dance ensembles from around the world are invited to perform and share their traditions and culture through dance and music at the Sabah Cultural Center. The multi-day event features demonstrations, workshops, folk art exhibitions and a food fair alongside performances of international classical dance.

Location Sabah, Malaysia

Gawai Dayak Festival


For this two-day harvest festival and public holiday, the indigenous Dayak people of Sarawak come together to give thanks. The colorful celebration attracts locals and visitors from all over Malaysia who come to see the traditional costumes, the procession and beauty pageant, folk dancing and singing and to share authentic food.

Location Sarawak, Malaysia


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