Mongolia in October

Autumn comes in September to October in Mongolia, when it is cool and wet. The season is a photographer’s dream bringing a kaleidoscope of intense colors across the grassland and steppe. September is a great time for hiking before the depths of the winter cold has kicked in and temperatures largely between zero and 15 °C 32-59 °F), though northern regions can see heavy rain up to 100 mm. The autumn is a captivating time to explore the nation’s endless undiscovered wilderness.

Suggested Itineraries

Golden Eagle Festival & the Altai Mountains

It is said that Mongolia is the last true nomadic society left on the planet and what better way to immerse yourself in centuries-old pastoralist tradition than by attending the Golden Eagle Festival?

Interests Celebrations, Off The Grid
14 days / 13 nights
Price Per Person
From $19,900

From Siberia to the South Gobi: A Remote Adventure

Venture where few travelers have gone before - isolated Siberia and the rural South Gobi Desert in this two-week tour through Russia and Mongolia. Meet isolated cultures in the desert and learn about Soviet-era times from within an authentic setting as you stay in luxurious hotels and camp underneath the stars.

Interest Luxury Trains
14 days / 13 nights
Price Per Person
From $15,000


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