Tajikistan in March

March to May is spring in Tajikistan when it is warm and with occasional showers, depending on region, with the south significantly drier. Temperatures in the capital range between 10 and 23 °C (50-73°F) in April, with precipitation of 25 mm, though mountain areas are wetter. It is a fantastic season to visit the mountains, and spectacular scenery is guaranteed across the country, whether the azure blue lakes and waterfalls of the Fann Mountains, or the snow-lined peaks of the Pamirs and raging rivers of Wakhan Valley.  The melting of the winter snows means there can be flooding and high rivers at this point, but local guides will point out areas to avoid. It is the best season to see Tajikistan’s incredibly diverse array of flora.

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Navruz is an ancient festival that takes place over three days in late March, marking the first day of spring and the Persian New Year. This important national holiday is celebrated with whole towns preparing special dishes to be eaten only on this occasion, and taking part in street parties, concerts, parades, and visiting with friends and family.

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