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Two-Week Tajikistan Trek: A Fortnight in the Fanns

14 days / 13 nights
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From $4,100

Outward-bound adventurers will be delighted by this comprehensive tour of the deservedly popular Fann Mountains. Swap the city sights of the Tajik capital Dushanbe for stunning natural beauty. Daily treks and hikes take explorers through winding mountain passes, across green meadows with happily grazing sheep and up to some of the highest peaks in the range. Set up camp each night in one idyllic location after another, in fir tree forests and beside the glittering waters of mountain lakes. After nearly two weeks in the wild, ease your way back into civilization with a night in a mountain village, lodging with a local family. Finally, experience Khujand, the Fann mountains’ gateway city and cross the border into Uzbekistan for a night in historic Tashkent.

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• Camp Under the Stars: There's no need to bring a telescope, as the darkness of the Fanns provides a clear view of the glittering Milky Way.

• Local Encounters: In Tajikistan's most remote destinations, travelers will be immersed in a traditional and authentic way of life, breaking bread with nomadic shepherds and exploring mountain villages.

• Chimtarga Peak: Take on the challenge of Chimtarga Peak with a trek up to the highest summit in the Fann Mountains.


Day 1 Dushanbe

Arrive in Tajikistan’s capital city, Dushanbe to begin two weeks of exploration and adventure. Check into your comfortable accommodation and take some time to rest or head out and experience the city. Dushanbe is full of palaces, monuments and museums and bursting with Tajik culture.

Day 2 Churkurak Lake

After an early breakfast at the hotel, leave Dushanbe behind to be immersed in nature. Drive into the mountains via the Anzob pass and begin the trek at Artuch. Spend the day hiking around the crystal clear waters of the Chukurak lake. Pitch tents and enjoy a picnic meal around the campfire with fellow hikers before retiring for a good night’s sleep.

Day 3 Bibijannat Lake

Wake up with the birds in the fresh air and begin the ascent from the lakes to Chukurak Pass. Stroll through a shepherd’s meadow and sample some sheep’s milk with the locals with a breathtaking view down to the Kulikalon lakes. Afterwards, you’ll descend into the valley and make camp next to Lake Bibijannat for a restful night after a trek of nearly five miles.

Day 4 Alaudin Lake

Continue the adventure with another day’s hike of around seven hours in total. Today’s trek winds through juniper forests packed with birdlife and Alpine fields filled with rare and beautiful wildflowers. The view from the Aludin Pass takes in the highest peaks and the emerald lakes below. Drop down into the valley for another peaceful sleep at a homestay. 

Day 5 Moutnoye Lake

A comparably more leisurely trek awaits hikers today, up to Lake Mutnoye. The route passes through birch groves and yet more shady juniper forests, up and over the edge of gorges dropping down into rocky valleys, through meadows of grazing sheep and finally to the lakeside where the tents will be pitched for the night.

Day 6 Chimtarga Pass

Enjoy a hearty breakfast at camp before packing up, ready to ascend nearly 15,000 feet. Trek through moraines and over glittering glaciers and enjoy the unparalleled views afforded by these heights. After the five-hour hike, a relaxing evening at the camp will be welcome.

Day 7 Zindon Gorge

This exciting day of ups and downs starts early with a climb from Chimtarga Pass to Energya Peak at over 16,400 feet. From the lofty heights, head down into the rocky and grassy terrain at Zindon Gorge. After seven hours and more than six miles of hiking, a good night’s sleep will be ejoyed by all down at camp.

Day 8 Mirali Pass Base

Fuel up on breakfast at camp, ready for a day of mountaineering. The destination is the foot of Mirali pass at 15,700 feet. Make the nearly three-mile trek over slopes of scree and rocky outcrops for beautiful views; and pitch camp, nestled into the mountain, ready for the morning.

Day 9 Chimtarga Peak

Breakfast early before a full day of action. The climb to Mirali Pass is a challenging one and the group is roped together, using crampons to pick across the icy, rocky ridge. From the pass it’s another 1,640 feet up to Chimtarga Peak, the highest of the Fann mountains. Enjoy amazing views of the whole range before the descent to camp.

Day 10 Bolshoye Lake

Assuming weather conditions for the trip have been favorable, this is a bonus day. Take the pleasant hike up to Bolshoye lake, among the Allo lakes, and take a refreshing dip in its crystal waters, at the foot of Moscow Peak.

Day 11 Big Allo Lake

After breakfast, begin the hike down Zindon Gorge and from here, trek across the ‘Garden of Stones.’ This rocky field of weirdly-shaped stones is a sight to behold with rocks ranging wildly in size - some as big as houses. Finally hike down to one of the Fann’s most beautiful spots. Camp overnight among fir trees, by the waters of Big Allo Lake.

Day 12 Zimtut Village

After breakfast by the lake, begin the descent down to the mountain road, where the Archimaydan and Amshut rivers meet. From here, drive down into the charming village of Zimtut, and meet the local families who open their homes for weary hikers. Explore the village or take a rest before a farewell dinner.

Day 13 Istaravshan

Though the hiking is over, the scenery is still gorgeous. Relax as the driver whisks through the countryside along the Shakhristan Pass through the small mountain town of Istaravshan and on to Khujand. Check into your comfortable hotel and explore the pretty city.


Day 14 Departure

After breakfast at the hotel, make the border crossing into Uzbekistan and arrive in historic Tashkent. Check into your hotel before heading out into town for a tour of the fascinating monuments and sites. Enjoy your final dinner and the last night of this adventure.


Price is based on double or twin hotel room occupancy and includes accommodation, transfers, car/driver, English-speaking guide, activities and entrance fees, breakfasts and some casual lunches while touring. Flights and optional special activities will be quoted separately. Most personal expenses, including dinners, alcoholic beverages, spa treatments and gratuities can be paid on the spot while traveling. Prices may vary depending on season, choice of accommodation and other factors.

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