As the trip progressed strangers became friends. Particularly special was the effortlessness: perfect logistics, never having to worry about anything, and, of course, the charming and thoughtful way you organised everything.
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Bayanaul National Park

One of Kazakhstan's protected areas and the country's first national park, this stunning area of natural beauty lies in the northeast of the country, in Pavlodar Province. Enjoying a continental climate, temperatures soar to nearly 90 degrees fahrenheit in the summer and while they drop well below freezing in winter, the park is something of an oasis, without the dust storms common in the rest of the province.

Bayanaul National Park was opened to maintain the natural vegetation and animal species of the surrounding mountainous region. There are more than 450 species of tree to be found in the park, including indigenous species such as Black Alder and Bayanaul Pine. In the meadows, strawberries grow in abundance when they're in season, meanwhile the forests are full of mushrooms. What's more, the park is inhabited by a myriad of birds and animals, delighting the visiting nature enthusiasts. With four lakes, watersports are popular, while geologists and climbers flock to Bayanaul National Park to gaze at its interesting rock formations.

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