Once the site of a series of major battles between the French colonial forces and a Chinese army, modern-day Kep is a relaxed beach town. During the colonial era, Kep was a favorite destination of the French and Cambodian elite, most notably King Sihanouk, whose former villa still stands in the area.

Today, Kep's quaint streets and close proximity to the pristine beaches and waters of the Gulf of Thailand offer a markedly different experience than elsewhere in the country.


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Fresh Seafood

Enjoy dinner in town at one of the many small seafood restaurants that serve excellent Khmer dishes featuring the freshest of the day's catch.

Into the Mountains

Venture into the mountains surrounding Kep and visit King Sihanouk's ghostly former villa, whose only inhabitants now are area monkeys. Continue on to the Buddhist cave temple of Phnom Chhnaugk, an ancient carved structure that predates the temples of Angkor Wat.

Rabbit Island

Take a boat for a half-day of snorkeling at nearby Rabbit Island, where the waters are a technicolor display of tropical fish.

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