Cardamom Mountains

Named for the spice trees that grow abundantly on its eastern slopes, the Cardamom Mountains are home to the Bokor Mountain Hill Station, once filled with French colonial elites seeking to escape the tropical heat. During the late 1970s, the Cardamom Mountains were the last refuge for the Khmer Rouge, and the site of constant battles; it was only after their defeat in the mid-1990s that life was restored to a peaceful normality, and tourists began to once again visit the region.

Today, the Cardamom Mountains are a seldom visited corner of Cambodia that nonetheless offers ample activities for outdoors enthusiasts. A particularly noteworthy sight in the area is Kompong Trach, a series of limestone caves by flowing water and time into a number of strange, otherworldly formations.


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Bokor Palace

Visit Bokor Palace, a former French hill station, complete with a casino, from the mid-20th century. Today, it's both a ghost town and national park. Bokor Mountain was used as the setting for the movie “City of Ghosts,” starring Matt Dillon and James Caan.

Helicopter Tour

Charter a private helicopter to the base of the Cardamom Mountains. This region of lush flora and abundant fauna - animal prints are common sightings, if not the wildlife themselves - offers excellent hiking opportunities.

Kompong Trach

Discover Kompong Trach, famed for its Wat Kirisan Temple based at the foot of Phnom Sor mountain. Explore the amazing array of hidden caves and limestone formations, including the "Cave of 1,000 Rice Fields" - so named for its resemblance to an actual landscape of paddies.

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Cardamom Mountains Itineraries

Classic Cambodia

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Community Impact & Conservation in Cambodia

10 days / 9 nights
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Preferred Hotel

Shinta Mani Wild

Cardamom Mountains, Cambodia

This ambitious luxury tented camp is renowned hotel designer Bill Bensley's latest creation. Inspired by a Cambodian jungle safari carried out by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in the late Sixties, the Shinta Mani Wild blends whimsical touches with safari sensibilities, making for a truly memorable experience. Within the resort’s 15 elevated tent accommodations, bold colors, hardwood furnishings, and rich leathers inspire an atmosphere of adventure and plush style. The luxuriously appointed tents open up to outdoor-decked living areas with bathtubs that provide wonderful views of the surrounding nature. Tents are elevated so as to not disturb the movement of wildlife below, and some are perched over waterfalls and river rapids. Meals are served al fresco at the Waterfall Restaurant. The menu consists of gourmet, seasonal dishes composed of locally sourced ingredients. Khmer classics are heavily featured on the menu, but there are some international options as well. The resort’s best quality, however, may be its location. Scenic river valleys and waterfall-laced rainforest paths are at the guests’ fingertips, and the Shinta Mani Wild is more than equipped to help guests get the most of their experience. There is also a Khmer Spa, an outdoor bar, and an army of private butlers on hand. Moreover, part of the hotel’s revenue is used to help preserve the surrounding private nature sanctuary, and many environmental considerations were made during the construction.

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