Lankaran is a coastal city to the southeast along the Caspian Sea’s shore, with the Talysh Mountains at its back. The borderline humid subtropical climate allows for forests and greenery to flourish. Lankaran is an ideal anchor for exploration around the southern region of the country which offers a lush landscape of national parks, hot springs, lakes, tea plantations and citrus groves. The area is also home to the Talysh people, a minority ethnic group that is indigenous to the southern region and areas contiguous with Iran.  The city itself is an old port with a few attractions including the light house, mosque, the Khan Museum and local bazaar. Visitors should also enjoy a cup of tea from Lankaran, said to be the best in the country, alongside flavorsome local specialties.


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Old Prison and Lighthouse

Lankaran Lighthouse was built in the 18th century and is the symbol of the city. A secret underground tunnel links the lighthouse to Zindan Tower which was used as a prison up to the early 20th-century. It purportedly held captive Joseph Stalin who was detained as a young revolutionary and escaped via the tunnel to the lighthouse, and set off via the Caspian Sea.

Kichik Bazar Mosque

Located in the center of town is Kichik Bazar Mosque, built in 1906 and named after its location in Kichik Bazar.

Xan Evi

Also known as Khan Palace, this former residence of the ruling Talish Khanate is now a museum which exhibits the Khan’s personal belongings as well as artifacts found around the region.

Xanbulan Lake and Tea Factory

Tea culture is an important part of Azerbaijan’s heritage and historically Lankaran and surrounding areas was prime tea country. Southeast of the city is Xanbulan lake where visitors can visit one of the area’s most famous tea factories to see the tea-making process and sample a selection of local teas.

Yanar Bulag

Its name means ‘Burning Spring’ - befitting for this water-fed spring percolated with methane gas that can be set alight. Despite its flame, villagers and travelers fill their water bottles at the fountain with the fresh ice-cold water that can be ignited for a few seconds, but is otherwise unremarkable.

Shirvan National Park

Located in Salyan, enroute to Lankaran, Shirvan National Park’s semi-desert landscape extending inland from the Caspian Sea is home to the largest population of Goitered gazelles in the region. The park is also one of the best places in the country for bird watching.

Masalli Hot Springs

Neighboring area Masalli is rich in mineral springs, both thermal and cold. The thermal mineral spring Istisu has long been a place of pilgrimage for people suffering musculoskeletal and skin diseases. Visitors are welcome to walk around the forested area, as well as take a bath in the hot spring waters.


A small village situated high in the clouds on the Talysh Mountains, Lerik is a peaceful escape just an hour from Lankaran. Surrounded by mountains, rivers, and waterfalls, the beautiful natural landscape is credited as the reason for Lerik’s local resident’s longevity. The town has so many Centenarians that there is a museum dedicated to the region’s oldest inhabitants. There was a shepherd who supposedly lived to be 168.

Lankaran Fortress

Constructed in the 18th century, this was one of the main fortresses of the city during the era of the Talish Khanate and is one of the city’s major landmarks.

Hirkan Nature Reserve

Home to endangered Persian leopards, ancient ironwood trees and scenic ponds, Hirkan Nature Reserve is a favorite local spot for hiking and enjoying the natural lush scenery.

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