Quba lies on the eastern slopes of the Greater Caucasus in the northeast of the country. The city has long been known for its fruits, particularly the apples, as well as highly-regarded carpet making. Quba, with its location near the mountains is a popular summer destination for locals seeking cooler alpine climes and mountain scenery. It is the gateway to remote villages located up the mountains; Laza and Khinaliq are particularly beautiful and visited together as a popular day-trip from Quba. Also near the city is the Red Village, an exclusively Jewish settlement characterized by its red roofs. Founded in the mid-18th century, the settlement flourished under protection of the Quba Khanate and saved from persecution.


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Quba Genocide Memorial Complex

This somber complex is dedicated to the lives lost during a series of ethnic and territorial conflicts between the newly established states of Armenia and Azerbaijan following the Russian Revolution. At the height of tensions in the spring of 1918, over 100 villages were destroyed and Quba was set on fire. The complex encompasses underground exhibit halls, a museum, and black granite tombstones marking where the bones of of the victims were laid to rest underneath the site.

Jewish Town

Also known as Red Town or Krasnaya Sloboda, this small town in the Quba area is the largest Mountain Jewish settlement in Azerbaijan, and the only entirely Jewish settlement outside of Israel and the US. There are three main groups of Jews in Azerbaijan, with the Mountain Jews being the biggest and most ancient community. For over three hundred years, the people of Red Town has preserved their own culture, customs and language. There are about 3,000 residents and the main industries are craftsmanship and farming.


An isolated mountaintop village tucked far to the north, Laza offers visitors a quaint escape to an enchanting alpine landscape and culture different from the rest of the country. The rustic village is populated by ethnic Lezgins, descendants of people around during Caucasian Albania.


Another incredibly beautiful mountain village is Khinaliq (also Xinaliq), which is by some definitions the highest and most remote village in Europe. Life remains mostly unchanged, with locals shepherding their herds up steep hills, farming, and weaving shawls and carpets. Guests are invited to stroll the village, terraces, and pastures, visit the museum, and sit for tea with local families.

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