Liwa Oasis

Escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and bask in the ambience and tranquillity that Liwa Oasis has to offer. Situated at the edge of the United Arab Emirates' greatest desert region, Rub Al Khali (also known as the "Great Empty Quarter"), Liwa Oasis promises a completely unique experience. Historically it was home to the Nahyan family, who were the leaders of the Abu Dhabi emirate along with the UAE. During this time and still to this day it remains a date-palm cultivating region for local Bedouin tribes, the most well known of these being the Bani Yas. Due to its location within this vast, almost barren desert region, it is perfect for dune bashing - a form of "off roading" on sand dunes usually in a Jeep or Land Cruiser - and other desert safaris. If visitors are keen for a more relaxing experience, there are also a number of top-class resorts located throughout the region not to mention a remarkable opportunity to learn more about the local Bedouin culture.


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Camel Trek

Jump aboard these incredible creatures and enjoy the stunning desert scenery and environment in the most traditional way possible. Family, sunset and group tours are available to trek across the Liwa desert.

Desert Hike

Join a well-versed and knowledgeable guide - setting off on foot across the Liwa Desert. Learn all about the environment including the flora and fauna, discover the history of the desert and many stories passed down through time.

Dune Bashing

Perfect for the adrenaline junkie and those seeking to get out into the vast arid sandy dunes. Qualified guides will drive across the dunes in a 4x4 for a bit of thrilling adventure. Sessions are normally held in the afternoon to ensure the sand is hard and easy to navigate.


One of the most traditional sports in the UAE, Falconry is highly regarded practise which has been going for thousands of years. A cultural symbol of the UAE, discover these incredible birds and their trainers, watch in awe at their speed, skill, intelligence and stamina as they hunt their prey. Engage with the trainers and learn all about these magical creatures.

Liwa Date Festival

The date palm has been a vital element to the life and survival of the inhabitants of the Liwa Oasis providing them not only with nutrition but the leaves and fronds have helped build and create houses, boats, baskets, food covers, ropes, sandals and mats. The festival takes place once a year in July, lasting a week and is a golden opportunity for visitors to appreciate the sacred fruit.

Liwa Forts

The forts throughout Liwa are approximately 200-300 years old and originated in the past when water was scarce and tribes had to protect their wells from enemies and opposing tribes. The government of Abu Dhabi currently aims to restore these ancient structures in order to allow visitors to explore the heritage of the region.


It is worth visiting the main town in Liwa, situated mid-way between Arada (far west) and Hameem (far east). It offers simplicity and maintains the serene atmosphere across Liwa Oasis but adds an element of civilisation with a number of individual shops selling a range of household commodities.

Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort

The best way to experience luxury and comfort within the "Empty Quarter." This resort promises to suit guest's every need. Whether you require a relaxing retreat to the Anantara Spa, a soak in the freeform swimming pool or a more active camel ride over the dunes, this resort encompasses culture and tradition with a top-quality service and luxurious touch.

Tal Mireb

The Tal Mireb is located south of the other settlements through Liwa and is famous for its car and bike competitions. Nevertheless, the majority of visitors travel to the Tal Mireb solely for the breathtaking drive and scenic landscape, usually setting off about 90 minutes prior to sunset.

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Liwa Oasis Itineraries

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9 days / 8 nights
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From $6,200
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Dubai to Abu Dhabi - Sun, Sights, Sand & Shops

9 days / 8 nights
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From $6,900
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From Desert to City: A Luxury Trek Across Abu Dhabi, Oman, and Dubai

14 days / 13 nights
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From $17,200
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Sandy Serenity and Family Fun: An amazing adventure in Abu Dhabi

10 days / 9 nights
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From $16,000
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Preferred Hotel

Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort

Liwa Oasis, UAE

Set amidst the rolling dunes of Rub'Al Khali, the largest uninterrupted sand desert in the world, this hotel is like none other in the UAE. Providing a true escape into the ancient sands surrounding Abu Dhabi, the Qasr al Sarab Desert Resort is like an oasis for body and mind where guests can’t fail to be enchanted. Total relaxation is in store for guests who choose to lounge by the pool or indulge in ancient treatments in the spa. Meanwhile, adventure lies ahead for those wishing to plunge into the desert on camel back or for yoga beneath endless skies. International cuisine, traditional tea, fragrant shisha and elegant cocktails are available across the hotel’s numerous food and beverage outlets, and when the day is done, guests can retreat to their own private oases and relax in beautifully decorated and comfortably equipped rooms.

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