Sagada is a small, charming town nestled into a lush valley in the north of the Philippines, a few hours' drive from Baguio City on Luzon island. The area looks out onto the majestic Cordillera and Ilocos mountain ranges, and with its vast array of natural wonders, provides all kinds of activities for nature lovers to enjoy, as well as historical sites and cultural activities. The northern part of the town offers fantastic vistas ideally captured by the panoramic lens of a camera, with its multi-tiered rice paddies, and Bomod-ok Falls, accessed by a picturesque trek through the area's lovely natural terrain. Sagada is well-known for its hanging coffins, the traditional way locals use to bury the deceased, in wooden coffins scaling up the sides of cliffs. Sagada enjoys a cooler, more temperate climate than many other parts of the Philippines, making it a refreshing escape.


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Bomod-ok Falls

A 2 km trek from the road will take visitors into a lush valley of terraces and traditional Igorot communities, before coming upon the powerful Bomod-ok Falls, a 200-foot tall column of water splashing down from above.

Ganduyan Museum

Culture lovers will enjoy Sagada’s Ganduyan Museum, containing sculptures, jewelry, and antique artifacts. The owner is also a wonderful source of information for those who wish to find out more about Sagada’s history and culture.

Hanging Coffins

Those who wish to marvel at the traditional Hanging Coffins of Sagada can head to Echo Valley, the locally-chosen memorial site for the deceased. Sagada’s local tribes believe that the higher the body is, the closer it is to heaven.

Rice Terraces

Often referred to as the “Eighth Wonder of the World”, rice terraces can only be found in a few parts of Asia, and Sagada is one of them. These multi-tiered formations were carved by locals to maximise farming space.

Sumaguing Cave

The adventuresome will love Samaguing Cave, which goes deep into the ground. Climbers will descend about 200 meters below the mouth of the cave, and be taken aback by the natural stalactite and stalagmite formations that have been millions of years in the making.

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