Boracay Island is the Philippines' top beach destination; internationally renowned for its fine white sand and sparkling blue waters that rival any to be found in the Caribbean or South Pacific. The island is replete with resorts and hotels for all sorts of travelers and offers everything from ultimate relaxation and spa treatments to exciting new water sports and activities such as diving, snorkeling, jet skiing, windsurfing, and cliff diving.

The island's two main beaches are Balubog Beach to the east and White Beach on the west shore. The climate interchanges during the dry season (October to June) and wet seasons (July- September), offering different activities year round.

Restaurants, sailing, a mysterious bat cave on a secluded island, motor biking and watersports will fill your days with sun, fun and pleasure.


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Scooter Ride

If you're willing to brave the local motor-tricycle traffic, hire your own scooter to zip up the main road to its end at remote Puka Beach, another beautiful stretch of white sand and palm trees where the locals come in the mornings to gather puka shells for jewelry.

Sunset Paraw Cruise

Go on a sunset cruise on a paraw, an outrigger sailboat. Sail to the edge of the island to see the thousands of fruit bats that fly out every evening from Boracay’s famous bat cave.

White Beach

Spend an afternoon strolling on the 3-mile long White Beach, or try some of Boracay's plethora of water sports, from kite surfing and jet-skiing to sea kayaking and sailing.

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