Pamalican Island

Pamalican Island is a small island which is a part of the Cuyo Archipelago resting in the Sulu Sea. It's situated between Panay and Palawan. Comprised of 40 islands, the Cuyo Archipelago has been a part of sailing and trading routes since before the Spanish arrived from Europe.

Home to the luxury resort Amanpulo, Pamalican is about 90 hectares and has 5.5 kilometers of pure, white sandy beach. Walking around the island in a full circle will take about 90 minutes. Pamalican is surrounded by a 3 square-mile coral reef.

The island is accessible only by Amanpulo's private charter plane, a Dornier 228-202K, which flies 360 kilometers due southwest direct from Manila. The island itself is calm, tranquil and peaceful. There are casitas and personal buggies/golf carts for sleeping and getting around this secluded island. Many employees are from nearby Manamoc Island and they will do their best to pamper visitors lucky enough to make it to this world-class destination.


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Excellent fishing is available just offshore, though a boat trip farther afield can yield game fish including tuna, swordfish and marlin.

Nature Walks & Stargazing

Why not enjoy a morning or evening stroll on the island? Bird lovers can see orioles, egrets, sea eagles and many other migratory species. At night, see the stars through the island's 1,800mm x 150mm astronomical refractor telescope.

Outdoor Sports

With nature as your playground, engage in Amanpulo's many sports on offer: sailing, diving, kayaking, swimming and tennis are all on the menu.

Turtle Hatching

Between March and October on some islands, female turtles come up from the sea to lay their eggs on the beach. This nighttime activity requires patience in order to see the exact moment when the eggs hatch and the baby turtles scuttle off to the sea.

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