The historic city of Vigan, Philippines, is lined with cobblestone streets and charming architectural structures that date back to the Spanish colonial times. Indeed, the city has achieved UNESCO World Heritage Site status. Though once an island, separated by the Mestizo River, Vigan is now officially a part of Luzon island, now that the river has silted over. The city was once a well-known trading port for gold and exotic Asian goods from China, before being captured by the Spanish in the late 16th century.

The city is made of a combination of rolling hills in the south, and plains in the west that border the South China Sea. The lands outside of the city center are mainly used for agriculture. The picturesque Mindoro Beach is only a short cycle away.

Vigan is a small city that has wonderful shopping and recreational areas. It is quite tourist-friendly, with ATMs and banks accepting international cards, as well as internet cafes, restaurants with WiFi, and provincial tourist information points. Two nearby airports serve the city, making it easily accessible.


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Mindoro Beach

Only a quick jaunt from the city center of Vigan, Mindoro Beach is a picturesque area that’s ideal for a stroll and is particularly captivating at sunset.

Ride a Kalesa

Visitors to Vigan love to ride a kalesa, or a horse drawn carriage, along the city’s historic cobblestone streets. These rides can take visitors as far as nearby towns.


The city is an antique-lovers’ heaven, with all kinds of shops selling artifacts from times past, as well as locally-made souvenirs to take home. The Vigan Public Market is a particular favorite for shoppers.

Visit Ancient Sites

This UNESCO Heritage Site is full of historical buildings, from the Mestizo District, filled with ancestral houses built by Chinese traders, to St. Paul’s Metropolitan Cathedral, complete with eight-sided bell tower, to numerous historical plazas that are social hubs for residents and tourists alike.

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