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Remote Lands Launches Undiscovered India Travel Itineraries

Remote Lands, the world’s leading luxury Asia travel designer, is pleased to announce new India vacation itineraries that introduce travelers to India’s emerging regions, beginning with hidden gem destination Madhya Pradesh. A state in central India, Madyha Pradesh is an up-and-coming destination, rich in history and stunning landmarks from many different eras of India’s storied past. Beyond Rajasthan’s glittering palaces, Madhya Pradesh is home to temples, ruins, caves and other archeological wonders dating back to ancient kingdoms. From natural parks boasting Bengal tigers, remote safari drives and majestic waterfalls to UNESCO World Heritage Sites, peaceful temples and an iconic festival celebration, Remote Lands’ newest itineraries provide immersive, cultural and adventurous experiences that allow travelers to escape the crowds and and experience a new side of India.

Over the next few months, Remote Lands will be launching itineraries to several other Indian destinations, many of which have just recently become more accessible due to the launch of new flights in and out of the region. Hampi, located in Karnataka, after almost a decade without convenient air travel, now welcomes travelers thanks to a new route out of Hyderabad to Ballari. New flights from Delhi to Jaisalmer have opened up this stunning destination known for its famed sand dunes, providing easy access to upscale desert hotels such as luxury tented camp The Serai from Sujan. Remote Lands will also launch itineraries for the remote Andaman & Nicobar Islands, a tropical destination floating between India and Thailand in the turquoise Bay of Bengal, which recently debuted a new luxury seaside property, The Taj Exotica Resort and Spa. Air India just this month has resumed flight operations from Agra to Jaipur four times a week.

 “We are always striving to provide travelers with unique, off-the-beaten-path travel experiences, so we are particularly thrilled to announce our new itineraries to the largely undiscovered Madhya Pradesh,” said Catherine Heald, co-founder and CEO of Remote Lands. “Our Madhya Pradesh itineraries bring travelers away from the bustling crowds of some of the more popular areas of India such as Rajathstan and the Golden Triangle, and are perfect for those seeking authentic experiences and rich historical insights. In the months to come, we look forward to having our clients delve deeper into India and showing them a new side of this incredible, diverse country.”

Below are Remote Lands’ four new Madhya Pradesh itineraries.

Highlights of Madhya Pradesh

This 10-day trip enables travelers to experience the best of this emerging Indian destination. Madhya Pradesh, which means “central region” in native Hindi, offers an authentic look at India’s rich religious, artistic, and even prehistoric past. The breathtaking destination features ancient temples, ruins and other major historical sites in addition to stunning architexture and scenic landscapes, all without the bustling tourist crowds. As part of the itinerary highlights, travelers will spend an afternoon touring the Khajuraho Temples and their intricate stone carvings; take a comprehensive tour of the medieval city of Orccha, which was the 16th Century home to one of the largest and most influential central Indian kingdoms; and visit multiple UNESCO world heritage sites, including the ruins of a medieval kingdom under Rajput rule and the Bhimbetka Caves with their astonishing rock paintings done by some of the subcontinent’s earliest Stone Age inhabitants.Travelers will feel as though they have stepped back in time, as they go down the road less traveled through the highlights of Madhya Pradesh from Dehli to Mumbai. Rates start from $3,600 per person.                               

Celebrating Dev Deepawali and Other Gems of Madhya Pradesh

This 12-day trip takes travelers to numerous stops throughout the region at a variety of heritage-filled cities and UNESCO world heritage sites. Designed for visitors who may have been to India before and want to dig deeper into its vibrant culture, the itinerary features a combination of guided tours and opportunities to break away for independent exploration, should travelers desire. Visitors whose travel plans coincide with the iconic Dev Deepawali celebration, typically celebrated in early November, will be treated to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to personally experience this holiday, which marks the Hindu gods’ descent to Earth to bathe in the Ganges River. Fireworks fill the skies, oil lamps light the night, and homes are covered with colorful designs as a procession of elaborately decorated deities make their rounds through the streets. Apart from the Dev Deepawali festivities, other highlights on the itinerary include a visit to the Udayagiri Caves, among the most important archeological sites in Indi, and a visit to the Maharaj Bada artisan marketplace to shop for handicrafts, jewelery and more. Rates start from $5,100 per person.

Archaeological Excursion Through Madhya Pradesh

Over the course of Madhya Pradesh’s rich history, the destination has been home to Hindu kings, Muslim sultanates, and Buddhist believers alike. These historical groups have left behind cultural marvels that can still be found throughout the lush landscapes of this central Indian state, and this 13-day trip gives travelers an excellent opportunity for a deep exploration of some of India’s most impressive archeological wonders. Travelers will discover towering sandstone forts, ornate Hindu temples, and ancient Buddhist stupas with pictorials that narrate the religion’s teaching through painstakingly crafted stonework, and will get a chance to observe cave drawings made tens of thousands of years ago. Other highlights include a scenic boat ride on the river for a close-up look at the Marble Rocks of Jabalpur, where the river has carved through the soft marble to produce a nearly five-mile gorge; and an experience of Hindu traditions at Omkareshwar Temple and during the Aarti ceremony along the Narmada River. Madhya Pradesh is known as the “Heart of India,” capturing the cultural heritage of the country as well as the spirit of those who have lived there in the past. Rates start from $7,100 per person.

A Naturalist's Trip Through the National Parks of Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is a land rich with biodiversity, natural beauty, and traditional culture, and this adventurous 11-day trip offers travelers an ideal opportunity to explore and immerse themselves in nature. The itinerary winds through the Bandhavgarh, Panna, and Satpura national parks, each with its own unique characteristics including the large population of Benegal tigers in Bandhavgarh, the majestic waterfalls in Panna and the remote safari drive in Satpura. Other highlights of the trip include spotting majestic animals in their natural habitat with the help of professional naturalist guides; exploring the lush flora of wildlife reserves including over 1,190 species of flower plants; and exploring the local culture including touring traditional Indian temples and palaces of both Hindu and Mughal architectural styles. Rates start from $7,600 per person.

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