Jordan Hammond

Instagramming Kyoto in a Day

Photographer and Instagrammer Jordan Hammond takes his camera to Japan's dynamic city of Kyoto for a look at geisha, bamboo, and a city coated in color and history....

Lens on Singapore

Instagrammer Jordan Hammond turns his camera on the Lion City of Singapore for a look at curious architecture, yachts, and the Gardens by the Bay....

More than Dragons: Komodo by Boat

Instagrammer Jordan Hammond hits the islands of Komodo National Forest, discovering manta rays, pink beaches, and crystal clear waters....
Jordan Hammond

Jordan Hammond

Jordan Hammond is a travel photographer from the UK. After living in China for a year, he developed a passion for story-telling through photography and went on to travel extensively throughout Asia, experiencing and photographing some of the most undiscovered gems of the continent and the people that inhabit them.