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Get Wrecked in Oman


Early in 2016, Oman announced the discovery of the oldest known shipwreck from Europe’s Golden Age of Exploration, located off the coast of Dhofar.

Taste of Home: The Comfort Foods of Asia


Across Asia, comfort foods are as varied as the countries they come from and provide interesting insights into the cultures to which they belong. Join us on a cozy culinary tour as we identify the go-to favorites from seven Asian countries, discover a little about what goes into the them and where you can try them for yourself.

A Luxurious Comeback for Sri Lanka


The tiny island of Sri Lanka has endured a lot, both in the past and in recent memory. Torn apart by civil war and a devastating tsunami, this strong and determined little country has fought its way through the hard times and come out on the other side not only with its beauty and culture intact, but also with its eyes on bigger rewards.

Chinese Food: The Need-to-Knows


So, you think you know Chinese food? The ubiquitous cuisine we in the west consider to be Chinese accounts for only a tiny percentage of the vast array of dishes represented by this huge country’s many regions.

Romance in India – the perfect place to renew your vows


Looking for a destination worthy of your enduring love? A vow renewal ceremony is both a romantic and significant occasion at which your close friends and family can be present to bear witness to your continuing commitment, and it deserves a fitting location. With pristine white sandy beaches, cities full of ancient architecture and lush …