Sri Lanka

Like a little droplet dripping off the tip of India, Sri Lanka sits in the azure ocean, luring you to her sandy shores.

Sri Lanka’s is an island of natural wonder and that beauty extends to its seas; those venturing from their fancy beach villas and hotels will find the Indian Ocean packed with life and activities of every description.

Home to ancient legends and a modern mix of cultures thanks to the various religions of her people and the remaining influence of the colonizing Portuguese, Dutch, and British, Sri Lanka is a land of intriguing dichotomies. But, it is her beaches that will enchant and captivate.

What makes Sri Lanka a fantastic beach holiday destination is its history and natural wonders. Whether it’s ancient forts or following in the steps of the Tamil Kings of old, the small size of this curious island belies the diversity of its charms. The key to the best possible beach vacation in Sri Lanka is getting the right mix of nature, culture, and adventure.