We had a trip that was truly unforgettable and perfect in every sense.
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UAE - Al Maha

A world away from the bustling and ever-developing city of Dubai, Al Maha offers a tranquil retreat that still retains much of its traditional Bedouin values. It is located at the heart of the gleaming Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, which was established in 2004 as an initiative to reintroduce the lush fauna that is synonymous with exotic desert oases. Since then, the desert has been brought to life, transformed by an array of diverse animal species. A large number of these were donated to the reserve by Dubai's ruler, Sheikh Mohammed, and are an intriguing addition to these wild plains. Al Maha is often described as "Dubai's Precious Green Jewel" due to the vivid green plants that surround it. The destination is the perfect hub to observe the rare desert dwellers as they come to graze and seek shade from the scorching sun. The sandy landscapes call for exploration, either on foot or on a sure-footed camel, enticing travelers to re-live the journeys of the ancient Bedouin people.
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Our General Manager Victoria Hilley enjoyed her stay at the Burj Al Arab, as well as sandboarding and taking a 4x4 drive across the amazing dunes.
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