Arslanbob Valley

Arslanbob, a small town in a valley of the Jalal-Abad Province of Kyrgyzstan, is home to not only 1,500 people, but an abundance of natural beauty, from the surrounding mountains to the great waterfalls that attract tourists and pilgrims during the spring and summer.

For lovers of the outdoors, a visit to Arslanbob and its surrounding valley provides a unique experience: hiking to the red cliffs, exploring the local forests and the native walnut, and observing the rushing waterfalls that surround the town. And this picturesque town is only becoming more popular, as a recent influx of tourists has started the motion to increase the number of amenities available to visitors.


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Local walnut harvesting

If visitors come to this town during the Fall, they will have a chance to see walnut harvesting, as everyone from the town heads out to pick the perfectly-ripe walnuts from the forest, as well as apples, pistachios, and cherry plums.

Mountain Hiking and Biking

The local mountains that surround Arslanbob are the perfect place for visitors to clear their heads and explore - they may set out by foot or by mountain bike to discover many different trails and natural sites, including the famous red cliffs.

Nature Walk

In addition to walnuts, Arslanbob Valley is home to many different kinds of trees, including wild apple, wild pear, plum, and cherry, as well as many herbs and flowers. Visitors may set out to explore the forested areas in great detail, also looking out for the squirrels, porcupines, and deer that may jump in their path.


Depending on the time of year, several companies can organize skiing tours, either around the village or even off of the local snowcapped mountains or jailoos. For this unique experience, visitors should contact different providers to find out more information.

Waterfall Picnic

There are several waterfalls within Arslanbob Valley, providing the perfect backdrop for visitors to set out a picnic lunch and enjoy their divine surroundings. As Arslanbob is said to be a place enjoyed by Alexander the Great, it can be an incredible experience to just sit and soak up the history that surrounds this natural area.

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