Osh & The Fergana Valley

Located in the Fergana Valley is Kyrgyzstan's second-largest city - the sprawling Osh, with its 255,000 inhabitants, is popularly known as the capital of southern Kyrgyzstan. The ancient city is Kyrgyzstan's oldest, with 3,000 years of history. At one point, it was a popular spot for silk production, to be sold along the ancient Silk Road. The city retains some of its Soviet roots, being one of the few in Kyrgyzstan to have not removed Lenin's name from its street maps, and even boasting a huge Lenin statue directly across from the city's administrative center.

Daily flights link the city to Bishkek and other parts of the north, making it quite easily accessible to visitors. On top of that, the recent improvements on the road that winds its way through the mountains from Osh to Bishkek has made Osh much easier to access by car. Visitors will enjoy visiting the expansive bazaar, checking out local sites like monuments and mosques, and no visit would be complete without a trip to the UNESCO-listed Sulayman Mountain, complete with its cavernous museum.


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Day-Trip to Chong Alai

At the foot of the Alai mountains lies the vast expanse that is Chong-Alai valley. The famed home of Queen of the South Kurmanjan Datka, who lived in the early 20th century, this is a scenic spot to enjoy some horseback riding and perhaps a picnic, while enjoying the breathtaking views of the Pamir mountains and Lenin peak.

Dom Babura

A wonderful spot to learn about the history of the Mogul Dynasty, Dom Babura is a reconstruction of a historic prayer room built in the late 15th century, by the 14-year-old Zahiruddin Babur, known for being the ancestor of the Mogul Dynasty. He built the single-room prayer retreat as a private place of worship, and is now a popular pilgrimage spot.

Great Silk Road Bazaar

Osh is home to Central Asia’s largest and most crowded outdoor market - the Great Silk Road Bazaar. Here, visitors will find everything from traditional hats, to knives, to horseshoes. Expect it to be busy - especially on Sunday morning - with makeshift stalls stretching for nearly a mile along the river

Lenin Peak Base Camp

Open in the summer months, Lenin Peak Base Camp has 50 to 60 two-man tents and basic facilities (there is, however, 24-hour electricity). It is popular with true mountaineers looking to challenge themselves with the steep ascent to the peak. The views from here can be absolutely breathtaking, particularly during an early morning clear sky.


Osh is home to several statues that are worth seeing, including on to the southern Kyrgyz queen, and a few statues of Lenin.

Rabat Abdul Khan Mosque

Built in the 16th century, Rabat Abdul Khan Mosque is the largest in the country. Conveniently located beside the bazaar, this makes a great spot to visit after or before a bit of shopping.

Sulayman Mountain

Kyrgyzstan’s sole World Heritage Site is Sulayaman Mountain. High up near its peak, visitors can catch spectacular panoramas of Osh and its surrounding areas. Housed in a cave inside the mountain is the National Historical and Archaeological Museum Complex Salayaman, which contains a variety of artifacts, as well as information on local flora and fauna.

Walnut Forests

Kygyzstan’s portion of the Fergana Valley boasts some of the the largest intact stands of the planet’s walnut trees. These walnut forests contain as many as 300 species of plants and trees, including ancient strains of apples, plums, and pears, as well as walnut and pistachio trees, amidst mystical babbling brooks.

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