Located 25 km south of the capital, Bishkek, and nestled within spectacular colliding mountain ranges lies Chunkurchak, one of the most visually appealing destinations of Kyrgyzstan. Nestled into the beautiful countryside, complete with vast valleys, rising mountains and cascading waterfalls, Chunkurchak is a visual reminder of the stunning, natural beauty that is prevalent in this Central Asian nation. With vivid colours from stunning scenery and peaceful countryside surroundings, Chunkurchak is one of the most picturesque and serene destinations in Kyrgyzstan.

Well off the beaten track, Chunkurchak is far from the clutches of mass tourism. It is a hidden gem with many enjoyable and unique outdoor activities including hiking and exploring the extreme gorges and ice-blue lakes. The weather in Chunkurchak is continental with clear, sunny days for much of the year and snow falling on the highest peaks, making it an ideal location for outdoor leisure. The summers are long, followed by short winters and there is very little rainfall year round.


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This quaint village is located just south of the capital and is a place of great cultural significance in Kyrgyzstan. It was formed when the nomadic people were forced to settle in the 1930s and it is also the site of a NKVD execution. There are memorials to visit from this era and the historic aspects of the village make it a remarkable place to visit.

Chunkurchak Gorge

The gorge is a place of undeniable beauty, with energetic rivers, deep, mysterious lakes and magnificent rock formations. It is also a Biosphere Reserve dedicated to the preservation of the Royal Tulip, a rare and delicate flower on the verge of extinction but can be seen growing in abundance here, reaching a height of up to 18 inches.

Horse Riding

Trekking on horseback is a peaceful and surreal way to explore the lush countryside and vast landscapes of Chunkurchak. The trek winds through the National Reserve Park and travels past areas with spectacular views and rare natural beauty, including fields tinged with red and purple hues of the famous Royal Tulip, gorges, rivers and unbelievable canyons.


Skiing on the beautiful snowcapped mountains provides breathtaking views over the region. The air is fresh and the snow is pure white and virtually untouched. Mountains rise to a height of up to 4000 meters, with great glaciers and ridges that can be seen on the descent.


One of the best ways to explore the countryside and take in the full beauty of the landscape is to go on a trekking trip. The landscape provides a low-effort, leisure activity, perfect for capturing exquisite landscapes with a backdrop of snowcapped mountains, vivid green pine forests and meadows flecked multi-coloured flowers.

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