For a truly unique experience, visitors ought to take a trip to Jalal-Abad, a city in southwestern Kyrgyzstan at the north-eastern end of the Fergana valley. The city sits in the foothills of the Babash Ata mountains, close to Uzbekistan border, and was once a main stop on the Silk Road.

Known for its natural mineral springs, the water around the city was once rumored to be able to cure leprosy; today, it is bottled and sold all around the country and the rest of the world. An excellent example of how old meets new in this ancient town, Jalal-Abad is reinventing itself as a tourist destination of the 21st Century.


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Near the city center of Jalal-Abad is Arslanbob, one of the only wild walnut forests in the world - the nut said to have originally spread to this part of the world by Alexander the Great. Walking through this large forested area, visitors are bound to see many different types of trees, including wild apple, pear, and cherry, as well as wild animals.

Cafe with a View

Beside one of the main Kurorts is a cafe located more than 3,000 feet above the town. Enjoy the view as well as the nearby craft hall, where visitors can pick up some locally-bottled water and little trinkets.

Lenin Street

The main street of Jalal-Abad is called Lenin Street, just like many others former Soviet towns. This central area of town features fountains and statues of Vladimir Illych, a historical and cultural museum, and shops where visitors can purchase local goods.

Mineral Springs

Jalal-Abad is famous for its mineral springs, so visitors should take advantage! There are plenty of excellent “Kurorts” (spas) in town where guests can spend their day relaxing in natural mineral spring baths.

The Sary-Chelek

This large biosphere reserve lies in the western Tien Shan Mountains and consists of forests, meadows, and a mountain lake located 1.2 miles above sea level. Home to 160 different types of birds, 34 species of mammals, and 1,000 different plants, the Sary-Chelek reserve is the perfect place for a hike, picnic, or bird-watching expedition.

Toktogul Dam

To see an architectural marvel, visitors should take a trip to Toktogul Dam, the largest reservoir of water along the Naryn River. If guests are looking for a spot to eat afterwards, they can visit Toktogul town, just north of the reservoir.

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