To some travelers, the sea inspires peace: gentle, crystal-blue waves lapping at a pearly shore. For others, the ocean is tumbling ebbs, ripping currents, and the unrivaled thrill of getting that board beneath your feet and standing tall on a wave. Indonesia’s seemingly endless island options and diverse ocean conditions mean that there is a wave for every surfer on the nation’s shores.

That said, when one travels for the board, there’s a lot to consider when choosing Indonesia. Bungalow or resort? Big waves or long? Surf full-time or relax and explore? The options in Indonesia can be startlingly specific, and so many waves are one of a kind.

From popular beaches to closely guarded secrets, Indonesia lays claim to wave breaks and surf swells of international fame. It would take months, even years, to find all of Indonesia’s great surfing spots. And, given that local surfers are rather protective of their favorite locales, there will always be more to explore.

It’s not just the waves that are diverse; as adventurous surfers traverse the many islands and beaches of Bali and beyond, they’ll find that the waves flow to some of the most interesting locations in all of Indonesia.