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Adventure Issue: Rhinos, Himalayas, Eagle Hunters, and a Door to Hell

For this Adventure Issue of Travelogues from Remote Lands, we travel to Turkmenistan, Nepal, Mergui, Kyrgyzstan, Ladakh, Bromo, Papua New Guinea, and more.

For this Adventure Issue of Travelogues from Remote Lands, we travel to Turkmenistan for pits from hell and into Nepal for jungle safaris, all the way to Kyrgyzstan for eagle hunting and down through Southeast Asia for diving, trekking, and adventures with tribes in Papua New Guinea.

Asia is an adventure playground for explorers who want more to their holidays than Instagram. Some go for the adrenaline rush, some like the challenge, but the one thing all adventure travelers have in common is that they love a good story.

Dave Stamboulis is on hand for our cover story, exploring the Nubra Valley of Ladakh, an intrepid quest into a relatively untouched haven of culture and unbelievable natural beauty. Remote Lands travel expert Victoria Hilley takes a tangential (and far more comfortable route) with The Ultimate Traveling Camp through the Himalayas, putting a luxury sheen on the adventures of North Asia. Across the continent to Central Asia, Richard Collett travels to Kyrgyzstan for inimitable pictures of eagle hunting and conversations with the people who have made this ancient practice their livelihood. In the wilds of Papua New Guinea, Olga Fontanellaz uses her camera to capture the lesser-known Gulf Mask Festival, with fantastical costumes and lizard-skin drums. On the other side of Southeast Asia is Juanita Pienaar diving the Burma Banks in Myanmar.

Remote Lands is also proud to feature several videos in this issue, including trekking the active volcano of Bromo for some of the best views in Indonesia, a “Door to Hell” in Turkmenistan, and a wildlife safari with unicorn rhinos in Nepal. We’ve also got an interview with star designer and architect (and center of The Bill Bensley Trail) Bill Bensley speaking about how luxury camps are saving the Cardamom Mountains of Cambodia.


Remember to check in with Travelogues from Remote Lands for daily stories about luxury and intrepid travel throughout Asia. If you get tired of reading and want to go, each story throughout the magazine is linked to destinations and itineraries from luxury tour designer Remote Lands to get you started.

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