Richard Collett

With the Eagle Hunters of Kyrgyzstan

Aidar and Nursultan, Kyrgyz eagle hunters, train their deadly predators on the edge of Issyk-Kul Lake, a window into the past and a demonstration of nature's raw power....

Moynaq: Desert Ships on the Forgotten Aral Sea

When the Aral Sea retreated to feed Soviet agriculture, whole regions were left abandoned, forgotten, and dry. In Moynaq, the only legacy of this once promising city are the ships that now sail on the desert. ...

5 Historic Sights To Help You Understand Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan was created by the Soviets in the 20th Century, but the land, the cities, and the people within this country’s borders have a history that stretches back centuries. These sites put modern Uzbekistan in perspective....
Richard Collett

Richard Collett

Richard is the Travel Tramp, an adventure traveler and freelance writer who can't stop getting off the beaten track. He writes travel blogs with a dash of journalism and takes photographs along the way.